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    Free Mewtwo codes for Wii U and 3DS

    Doing option 1 current posts: 1332
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    Mewtwo Smash Glitch

    Glad to know his release was ready :/
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    Next character for SSB? Vote now.

    Bayonette is probably the best way to go. BUT LUCAS IS IN SO I'M OKAY.
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    Giving Yourself Hacked Pokémon Just Got Way Easier

    There have been so many advancements in getting getting good pokemon easily that I'm not surprised at all. At this point I've accepted it and moved on. I'll probably do this myself tbh, no shame.
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    Learn How To Be A Hacker For $49

    Better than black hat hacking, very interesting.
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    GF Monthly Update 2/4/15

    Congrats Rocky, looking forward to the future! :)
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    Gaming hours.

    On days like tiday I get the whole day to game. On weekdays, anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours. Sometimes I have enough schoolwork to go from school to my room for the night.
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    Gaming, watching stuff, sports, anything fun. I also study on my sometimes for big tests that are coming my way soon.
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    Are you getting ORAS?

    Told myself the same thing. Then said "screw it its pokemon" but if its any consolation I bought it or myself after the christmas deals where someone probably got it as a present they didn't like. I ordered it online for a sweet deal and it should be arriving this week. Looking forward to...
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    Happy Birthday Mori!

    Two big birthdays this week. : o
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    Nintendo Working on Ideas for Next Console

    If you ask me they need to take a step back and focus on new quality games. Also, the video game industry is slowly becoming the money making industry. Sometimes using tactics to make money isn't helpful, one thing I hate is the one file save slot on Pokemon games, but I doubt will change. The...
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    Happy birthday DS

    Hope your day went really well. : )
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    Merry Christmas Gamingforce!

    Happy birthday ds and happy everything to everyone :p
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    I Don't Play Video Games Anymore. I Wait For Them.

    Those are the advantages old games have over new ones. I remember Mario kart 64 or Goldeneye took about 30 seconds to start up and get a game going. Now to play a game on new gen consoles it can take 5 minutes just to start up really.
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    Gamingforce Update 12/5/14

    This indeed. Congrats clara! Another great month