1. OPG609

    PC/Mobile Loopmancer Gameplay Trailer - (Free Demo Out Now on Steam)

  2. Promote your Twitch streams in our stream library for more exposure! |

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  3. W130SN

    [GET] [FREE] Shadowrun Returns Deluxe - 24 Hours Only

    FREE via HumbleBundle : Buy Shadowrun Returns Deluxe from the Humble Store Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is provided via Steam key for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required. Description The Shadowrun Returns Deluxe product contains the following...
  4. W130SN

    [GET] [FREE] Quake Champions - LAST DAY TO GET IT FREE!

    FREE - Offer ends June 18th at 10AM Pacific Time Save 34% on Quake Champions on Steam Quake® Champions is a fast-paced Arena shooter, a genre established by the original Quake 20 years ago. Mixing the dark mythos of Quake with the innovative multiplayer of Quake III Arena, the game adds a...
  5. W130SN

    [GET] [FREE] For Honor Starter Edition on PC! ENDS TODAY!

    Giveaway June 11, 2018 9:00 PM - June 18, 2018 9:00 PM June 11, 2018 8:00 PM UTC - June 18, 2018 8:00 PM UTC Sign up to get a free copy of For Honor Starter Edition on PC!
  6. W130SN

  7. W130SN

    [GET][FREE] PEGGLE - Origin On The House

    Peggle® Peg-busting fun! Take your best shot at becoming a Peggle Master. Put your skills to the ultimate test in this fun puzzle game, all for free. It’s On The House. 100% Off Want to be a Peggle Master? Take your best shot! Shoot and clear the orange pegs to achieve Extreme Fever as 10...
  8. K

    A Walk in the Woods

    A Walk in the Woods is a co-op multiplayer game where four players must roam a dark and dangerous forest in search of each other and reunite before a curse is complete while avoiding a terrifying monster and its little creatures. Made in Unreal and scheduled to go live on Steam on May 1st and...
  9. PlayerAuctions

    The PlayerAuctions Giveaway Thread (NEW GIVEAWAY Path of Exile and BR games - January 2019)

    Hello Gaming Latest peeps! I am Richard from PlayerAuctions. We will be posting giveaways here from time to time, and in order to keep the forums clean, I will be posting the giveaways in a single thread --- here! Just check back regularly to find if there are any new ones. I'll make sure to...
  10. Asylum House

    Is this game a bit too hard to play?

    Hello! We have just made a game called Oily Man and published it on iOS and Android. But it seems like we have made a "Flappy Bird" frustration level of game and yet, it doesn't have the same popularity as Flappy Bird. By the way, we are a couple that is interested into making games and did...
  11. froggyboy604

    Dutch households will use servers to heat their showers for free

    Rather than trying to dissipate excess energy from servers, it wants to harness it, using it to heat people’s homes instead. The setup is simple enough: you pay Nerdalize to install a server in your home; it heats your house for free; and Nerdalize makes money by selling the server space to...
  12. yaboitripgaming

    Streets of Rogue STEAM KEY GIVEAWAY

    I got a hold of a steam key for Streets of Rogue and I'm giving it away since I already have one.
  13. i_and_cow

    [Dev][Android]The Weave of Heroes - Silly storyline, colorful art style, engrossing combat system

    Hi there, we are Alexandre and Julien and we just released The Weave of Heroes, a free RPG on Android. We would like to have your feedback. Weave is a humorous rock-paper-scissors inspired RPG with strategic combat and neat graphic novel style graphics dubbed. This pocket sized role playing...
  14. Demon_Skeith

    Steam Game Contest

    Welcome Gaming Latest members to a very special contest sponsored by one of our members @memento-mori who has graciously given me the keys for the following Steam games: Company of Heroes™ 2 (win the game you get all the DLC) [DLC] Company of Heroes™ 2: The British Forces [DLC] Company of...