1. Monika

    Game stories that were inspired in a true life story

    I've been wondering about this topic for a while because I only know a few. I think games that are realistically well-made are interesting to play... because not only you play the game but you learn something from it. Here are the games that I know: 1. Outlast 2 - they were inspired with...
  2. nelmar

    PC/Mobile Games that you think need some improvement

    What games you think that good games that need to improve something.
  3. froggyboy604

    Will there still be some people who play games on a black and white screen in a few years?

    I feel there maybe still be a few people who play games on a black and white screen in a few years. Some people play games on their black and white screens on their graphing calculator or an old cell phone with a black and white screen. There maybe some people who play games on tiny keychain...
  4. Ramil Youth

    PC/Mobile FPS Games

    Not usually into video games, but playing 8 Ball pool is fun and addictive. Very unusual for me. And now I saw this new AR game called ( Zombie Shooter - Dead Hospital ), a semi-realistic approach with some twists. Depending on the gun, which may have certain "powers" to help. It also depends on...
  5. Monika

    Funny Glitches in Games

    Yesterday, my office mate showed me compilations of glitches in a game and I think it's hilarious so I want to share some of the funniest thing I have seen in games. Tell/Recommend me some. :) Here's to sharing positive vibes~!! 1. Say no more (Resident Evil 4) 2. Floating Glasses (Final...
  6. Monika

    What will be the gaming trends for 2019?

    I saw a blog talking about the possible new trends for 2019 based on mobile game insiders' observation. Their predictions: “Discovery will play a smaller role as this environment favors titles with stronger recognition, including strong, IP-based games.” by Sebastien Borget "2019 will be a...
  7. Itskyle23

    Multi Just some Random weird games?

    Guys, there is nothing I love more than games that are weird and random. Can you suggest me some or name some right off the bat? Preferably with 16 bit graphics? Games like: Kid Pix 1 Action 52 Toe Jam and Earl Cyberdillo Zombies ate my neighboors. LSD Warioware *cough* My first Big CD...
  8. RadiantMin3

    Check Out My New Gaming Chanel

    RadiantMin3 Date channel started: 28th March 2019 Type of content: Minecraft, Ark, Tutorials And Survival Age rating: Children / Teen Channel description: Gaming, Tutorials, Game Tops 10s And More Link to channel: removed Featured video: removed
  9. froggyboy604

    Would Online Streaming Games cause some people to buy smartphones with less storage space like 16GB?

    Streaming games don't require a lot of storage space like many GBs of space. The game streaming app maybe as small as a few MBs in size. Some people with a very fast and unlimited bandwidth internet/data connection may use a smartphone with 16GB or less space to play streaming games which are...
  10. Itskyle23


    Heard WCG is up for another tournament again, lmfao its been 6 years (Year 2013) since they hosted a e-sport tournament. Who's playing Starcraft here?
  11. Jerrar

    Best horror games to play during Halloween

    If you are already done with your Halloween party this weekend and are planning a quiet night in front of the TV, hiding from trick or treaters, we’ve got another idea for you. Why not catch up on some of the most spine-chilling video games. - Resident Evil 7 - Outlast 2 - Evil Within 2 -...
  12. Itskyle23

    PC/Mobile TwelveSky 2: Limitless

    The famous and popular game "TwelveSky 2Limitless" is now open for Pre-Registration, It is published by korean developer "PlayWITH". Read more here at my blog and share me your thoughts! TwelveSky 2 PlayWITH SEA
  13. Itskyle23

    PC/Mobile Twelve Sky 2

    Hi guys, just wondering if there's a twelvesky player here? Let's be friends ^_^
  14. T

    PC/Mobile What are your thoughts on Game companies like Voodoo and ketchapp dominating the app market?

    I see that they own the arcade genre in both Google and ios app stores, the thing that bothers me is that in the past we have seen articles about how they have copied indie games immediately once they see any success from their competitors. So does this matter to you? do you like their games...
  15. AnneJk18

    Game Name

    If you will be making or developing a game, What will name it and What kind of games is it?
  16. bernztein_22

    Newbie Here!

    Hi guys! Happy to be here. Growing up, I have been exposed to anime'. I have watched all dragon ball series and movies, and other anime' series. I'm not so fan of computer games but I love online mobile games. Hope to get new great anime and game suggestions here. I'm so excited.
  17. foster04

    Durango: Wild Lands come to Android in May

    A new game is coming to android called Durango Wild Lands. Checkout>Durango wild lands comes in may - 360GamingZone
  18. Jerrar

    What game(s) are you currently playing?

    I thought we needed a thread like this on this site to engage with each other and learn about the games we play. I am playing Darksiders: Warmaster edition and will move onto Darksiders: Deathenitive edition in anticipation for the third Darksiders game.
  19. I

    Nintendo Nintendo Switch drives GameStop’s Q4 2017 sales

    GameStop reported 15% growth in sales during the fourth quarter of 2017. The 15% sales push to $3.50 billion was helped by new hardware sales, which jumped 44.8%, driven by demand for Nintendo Switch, along with a 12.4% software sales surge. Nintendo Switch drives GameStop's Q4 sales, provides...
  20. NintendoChannel

    Playing Yoshi's Island (SNES)

    I cherish this game! It was the first game I ever had on the GBA (which I didn't realise was a port of the SNES version until many years later). I have a lot of memories with this game and I hope you don't mind me sharing my reliving them with you: @Porkman convinced me to play the SNES...