1. DmRafaule

    Is nintendo worth it ?

    You know I have money for buy it now. But should I
  2. DmRafaule

    What is best choice? PS or XBox

    Currently I don't know what to choose. Help me make a decision.
  3. T

    PC/Mobile Looking for other good horror games like "It Came From The Closet"?

    So i have just completed the indie game It Came From The Closet, I had lots of fun since it was my first indie horror game ive ever played. Wondering if you guys had any other good recomendations for other good horror stealth games?
  4. TIlenM

    Favourite free MMORPG

    So I've recently decided to go back to MMORPGs to see if the genre is really as dead as people are saying. So for starters I would like to get some opinions on your favourite FREE MMORPG(s) to make things easier for me to pick. Thanks! ^^
  5. R

    Hey HELP ME

    Hello how is everyone, I'm James and I have lost all skill at any fighting game that I ever thought that I was good at. All I know is that I took a hiatus from videogames for a few years and then all of a sudden I was no longer good at any Capcom vs. Game, Tekken 5, New street Fighters, Naruto...
  6. C

    New Laptop Help

    Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new laptop and I'm having a hard time deciding on one. There are so many choices out there. Would you guys help me out? I'm looking at gaming laptops. I am going to use the laptop for primarily video editing so the more powerful the better (also will...