1. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Double Shake

    This Playstation-like action platformer doesn't look half bad.
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Tomba! Reveal

    Using the Carbon Engine, a lot of old games are coming back for rerelease, even if it isn't all of them.
  3. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Gex Trilogy Announced

    During the Limited Run Game 3 showcase this one is coming back from the grave. I can only blame Scott the Woz for this.
  4. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    I wonder how much the artists will ruin an elephant.
  5. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Pac-Man Re-Pac

    waka wakka redesigns this, different from the original that...
  6. OPG609

    PC/Mobile Loopmancer Gameplay Trailer - (Free Demo Out Now on Steam)

  7. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Rivals of Aether News on April 1st . . . again.

    That's right, you get more Rivals news again on another April 1st so it's all completely official. Hope you are into Smash Bros. with elemental furries and other stuff like always. Now there's another game in the same universe in the Roguelike genre as well named Dungeons of Aether coming to...
  8. Swordmasterman

    Switch Him & Her

    It seems pretty cool. What do you guys think?
  9. 1

    Alpha & Beta[Steam]

    Game Summary: Alpha & Beta is a 2d platform game for those who love old platform games but with a few touches on this old style, the most important features are the high degree of difficulty and the promise of a satisfying gaming experience with a long gameplay time Story Summary: Alpha and...
  10. TIlenM

    Best 2D platformer?

    What's the best 2D platformer you ever played and what makes it the best? Mine's definitely Trine 2. Awesome gameplay with amazing visuals and it's also pretty easy to play, which makes it a perfect game to relax with.
  11. Asylum House

    Is this game a bit too hard to play?

    Hello! We have just made a game called Oily Man and published it on iOS and Android. But it seems like we have made a "Flappy Bird" frustration level of game and yet, it doesn't have the same popularity as Flappy Bird. By the way, we are a couple that is interested into making games and did...
  12. Demon_Skeith

    PS3 Puppeteer

    So I just finished this delightful little game on PS3 which I borrowed from my cousin, though I think its pretty cheap on PSN. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good trophy hunting game or really enjoys platformers from the old SNES/PS1 days of gameplay. Here is a good review on it...
  13. VirusZero


    20XX is a procedurally generated platform game rife with a wide range of powers heavily inspired by the MegaMan X series. It features controller support and co-op (local and online) play. But don't just take my word for it... see me playing this game: It's available on Steam right now and...