1. Artisan Vistra

    PlayStation The Rise of The Golden Idol

    This hand-drawn look and layered motion capture is different. As well as the conspiracy message I am getting from this trailer. Is this.... a video game?
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector

    Will you leave yourself sleeping? Or stay awake to see how this game functions?
  3. Artisan Vistra

    Sand Land - Launch -

    RIP Akira Toriyama
  4. Demon_Skeith

    PS2 Ask Bandai Namco for Dot Hack IMOQ Remake

    A quartet of RPGs originally released on the PS2 (subtitled Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine) that served as an entry in the long-running .hack series. Playing as Kite, players were swept into a web of intrigue as they delved into the supernatural comings and goings of The World, a...
  5. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Double Shake

    This Playstation-like action platformer doesn't look half bad.
  6. Artisan Vistra

    SGF Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

    A split-story adventure game about retribution.
  7. Artisan Vistra

    SGF Throne and Liberty

    Basically a fantasy world and Animorphs.
  8. Artisan Vistra

    SGF The Lord of The Rings: Return To Moria

    A Middle Earth game where you craft weapons, and buildings, and go through dungeons for treasure.
  9. Artisan Vistra

    SGF Lies of P

    Open for pre-order, Lies of P is coming out on September 19th, 2023. The direction is neat. A bit on the Victorian Era side. Definitely something new for this genre.
  10. Artisan Vistra

    Multi John Carpenter's Toxic Commando

    This mature game by Saber and Focus Entertainment, where you are in a zombie apocalypse brutally shooting and driving over the undead. Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
  11. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Baldur's Gate 3 World Premier

    Releasing August 31st, 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5.
  12. Artisan Vistra

    SGF Spiderman 2

    Spiderman 2 is a game made by Insomniac Games. It's the second title on the system but it gets the two in its name from having both Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting various villains. Starring both Kraven the Hunter and Venom. Spiderman has jerkier, more expressive movements when he is in...
  13. Demon_Skeith

    PS5 Rest Mode Crashes?

    I've put my PS5 into rest mode a few times and nearly every time it has crashed and had to rebuild itself on startup. Anyone else experience this?
  14. OPG609

    Multi Trek to Yomi - Official Launch Trailer | (Day 1 on Gamepass)

  15. OPG609

    Multi Turbo Overkill Game Trailer — Shred Enemies With Your Chainsaw Legs in a Cyberpunk World

  16. OPG609

    Multi Outward: Definitive Edition Gameplay Trailer - (Open World RPG Fantasy Game)

  17. OPG609

    Other After the Fall - Gameplay Trailer (New Post-Apocalyptic VR Game)

  18. OPG609

    Multi We Were Here Forever - Release Date Trailer

  19. OPG609

    Multi Chernobylite: Enhanced Edition - Next-Gen Trailer (Survival Horror Sci-Fi Game)

  20. OPG609

    Multi Dolmen - PS5 Gameplay Trailer (Upcoming Futuristic Sci-Fi RPG Game)