1. D

    DESERT KILL – a roguelite top-down shooter is available on Steam &

    DESERT KILL from IO Games – a roguelite top-down shooter where you have to destroy evil forces in the most brutal way is available on Steam & 4 badass playable characters 80 deadly weapons and powerful items rapid vehicles hardcore bosses feral violence with body parts all over the game
  2. F

    PC/Mobile Fleazer Trailer

  3. 1

    Alpha & Beta[Steam]

    Game Summary: Alpha & Beta is a 2d platform game for those who love old platform games but with a few touches on this old style, the most important features are the high degree of difficulty and the promise of a satisfying gaming experience with a long gameplay time Story Summary: Alpha and...
  4. Arbie

    Spellbreak Trailer

  5. Jerrar

    Multi Fallout 76 Will Not Be Releasing On Steam, Bethesda Confirms

    'It’s exclusive to Bnet" Says Pete Hines, who is the marketing head for Bethesda so the source is as authentic as it can be. This would be the first time Bethesda has done something of this sort as previously all titles were launched on the Steam store. By doing so, Bethesda is most likely...
  6. DbkGames

    PC/Mobile SpaceBourne

    Steam : SpaceBourne on Steam SpaceBourne is a Space Simulation / Arcade / Open World / RPG game. SpaceBourne’s universe has over 100 Solar Systems, over 400 planets and 37 landable Space Stations. SpaceBourne is designed so the player can have total freedom. In SpaceBourne the player can mine...
  7. W130SN

    [GET] [FREE] Quake Champions - LAST DAY TO GET IT FREE!

    FREE - Offer ends June 18th at 10AM Pacific Time Save 34% on Quake Champions on Steam Quake® Champions is a fast-paced Arena shooter, a genre established by the original Quake 20 years ago. Mixing the dark mythos of Quake with the innovative multiplayer of Quake III Arena, the game adds a...
  8. froggyboy604

    New Steam Link app will let players stream games from their PCs to Android and iOS

    Steam is bringing mobile game streaming to Android and iOS with a new Steam Link app which will let gamers stream games off their Mac or PC over the internet to their smartphones. The app is scheduled to launch at the end of the month during the week of May 21st, with Android support initially...
  9. K

    A Walk in the Woods

    A Walk in the Woods is a co-op multiplayer game where four players must roam a dark and dangerous forest in search of each other and reunite before a curse is complete while avoiding a terrifying monster and its little creatures. Made in Unreal and scheduled to go live on Steam on May 1st and...
  10. cumezcina

    Make money with steam and other games

    Hello I want to introduce you with a site where you can sell games( your own or this which g2a marketplace sell). All you need to do is register and start sharing your refferal link to your gamers friends who buy games and dont know that this site have extremely sales for many games, or to a...
  11. C

    Towards The Pantheon - New Trailer & Greenlight Campaign!

    Towards the Pantheon is the new top down role playing game that is currently in development that throws away the traditional RPG cliches of potions and elemental powers in favour of a more unique approach. We've just released our new trailer and launched our Steam Greenlight campaign! In...
  12. VirusZero

    VZ's 2017 gaming schedule

    So like a few others here, here's what I'm looking forward to playing this year... Games I've Beaten (2017): - Ghostbusters: The Videogame (Steam) [Jan 7th 2017] - Azure Striker Gunvolt (Steam) [Jan 28th 2017 - Got the bad ending, not sure if I want to go back and try for the good one.] -...
  13. froggyboy604

    CrossOver running Limbo from Steam client on Google Chromebook

    Google released Android for Intel based ChromeBooks. AND CrossOver for Android installed and ran on a Google ChromeBook. More importantly, we were able to install the Steam Client into CrossOver for Android and run LIMBO and other games. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we have DirectX 9 support, keyboard...
  14. Demon_Skeith

    PC/Mobile Valve Cracking Down On Gambling Sites Using Steam

    Gambling is apart of life, it makes some people rich while million others poor or in debt (don't gamble folks) and recently its been known that certain websites have been using Steam as a means of gambling. Valve released the following statement:
  15. Vatheri

    What are your experiences with Steam Link?

    Just curious if anyone here ever got Steam Link from Valve. The concept seems fairly cool and with the summer sale it's currently 30%+ off normal price and might be the time to get it. I haven't known anyone who has ever gotten one, or even personally heard from anyone who has gotten one yet...
  16. I

    ¿Best Time to sell Steam Cards on Steam?

    Hey guys! As you know, the Steam Summer Sale 2016 is getting closer and closer, and there are a lot of games I'm aiming to own. But I don't want to put money on Steam this sale, because I have Steam Cards which gives me money. Should I sell them before the Summer Sale, or as the same time the...
  17. Demon_Skeith

    Multi Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Today it was revealed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will come out in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and Steam with the game having an E3 showcase. Bandai released the following info:
  18. Demon_Skeith

    Final Fantasy X on PC

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is coming to PC on May 12th 2016, according to this Steam listing. The bundle features two of Square Enix's role-playing games: Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Both games will include full Japanese audio in addition to subtitles and most likely some standard speed...
  19. Demon_Skeith

    Chronicles of a kid's Steam Hacking

    Apparently (like most things) Steam has a back door, you find this door and you can put any game or none game onto Steam without any of the site's staff approval. You can find the full detailing here:
  20. froggyboy604

    Steam running on Remix Android

    #GDC, #Steam Games, #Remix OS, #CodeWeavers. Play your Windows games on Remix Android using CrossOver for Android as shown at GDC 2016 in San Francisco. This is the Steam client running natively on Remix OS using CrossOver for Android. We were able to launch and play a couple of games from the...