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    Xbox ReCore

    ReCore Release Date: June 2016, Xbox One Exclusive ReCore is from the creator of Metroid Prime, and it places you inside an everchanging world where sandstorms change the face of the game as they sweep across a world that you are trying to bring back to life for humanity. Play with the help of...
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    Boycott Sony petition

    Read more here: Will you stand with Kesha and boycott Sony or are you on Sony's side?
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    Worst PC game you have played this year

    We're getting close to the last day of 2015 , so let's look back and decide which was the absolute worst PC game we've bought and played this year.
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    Favorite Origin game at the moment

    Which is your favorite Origin-exclusive game at the moment? Is it the Sims 4? Fifa 2016? Something else?
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    Gaming at the cinema?

    Would you be interested to play video games on a really big screen?
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    Similarities between Game of Thrones and Skyrim

    What do you think? :confused: