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In case you are unaware of the current events, on February 19, 2016 Kesha's injunction against the producer was denied after being sexually, physically, and mentally abused for over a decade. He has threatened Kesha and her family and drugged her. The government has decided to side with him and deny to release her from her contract from Sony Music that states that she can not record music with any other company unless she records 8 more albums. This woman has been abused and scarred for life and Sony Music is refusing to set her free and let her make music freely!

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Will you stand with Kesha and boycott Sony or are you on Sony's side?
Haven't been keeping up with this, but has Kesha really been raped? I know its easy for the women to make something up and lie about it.
I honestly have no idea. I don't listen to Kesha or know anything about her other than what I have read about this scandal that has blown up on all social networks in the past week.

well I live a life where people have fed me a lot of crap that was false. I won't back something because something may or may not happened.
Seems as if Sony were/are planning to drop the guy before his contract expires in 2017 - seems like everything is up in the water with it though. The least they could do is have her working with a different producer away from him.