A Mario Watch for the Hardcore


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You probably thinking that is a neat watch, that will give you nostalgia with every look. Where that is the case, the watch will cost you a pretty penny. The maker is seeking $18,950 USD for it, which is about the cost of a new car or tons and tons of video games and or snacks.

The watch is a 46mm case is made out of black titanium and the three-layer dial is loaded with enamel-coated pixel figurines based on Mario from his first Super Mario Bros game appearance. It is limited edition for Mario's 30th anniversary.
Yeesh. That's certainly way, way above my price range, and to be honest... not something I'd buy even if I had the money.
I think there are nicer watches which cost less. Plus, I feel a watch which is this expensive should be made of gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, and other rare and expensive metals and minerals.
I like the watch but I would never pay that much money for it. For that price, it better come with a maid to clean my house for the rest of my life.
It's a nice watch but no way would I pay that much of a price for it. $18,000 for a watch that looks like it was made in china and for little kids?