Another Exploding Samsung Phone On An Airplane...

They are all miniature bombs.
I feel these occasional exploding smartphone stories may cause some people to continue using their basic flip call phones and feature cell phones since there are not as many stories of older style cell phones catching on fire or exploding.
I think be it samsung or many other chinese brands getting blast is kind of possible most of the time due to bad workflow. I personally think that quality control is the thing that is getting affected.
I've never really had any issues with anything like this. Except this one time. I bought some "spycamera" integrated into a watch, that came with a charger made in china. Looked just like any other charger I've had of the kind. Exploded after being plugged in for 30 minutes tho. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't take the risk of saving a few pennies on chargers. Could end up costing you a lot. I'm just "lucky" I was sitting right next to it. The lid exploded into the side of my cranium, and I was able to put the fire out right away. Had it happened at night, tho... never buying cheap made in China crap electronics again.