Are smartphones only good for streaming music, video, and online photos on the internet?


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I feel smartphones are only good for streaming music, and video, and viewing online photos because you usually don't need to click on many links, and read a lot when you watch a video, or listen to music online compared to visiting a blog or forum which is mostly texted based.

Smartphones could be good for playing online multi-player games against other online gamers if the controls are simple like Flappy Birds, Angry Birds, or Temple Run, and easy to use on a smaller screen.

I feel smartphones are not as good for visiting websites or using social networking apps which are mostly text, and picture based because the screen's text is smaller on smartphones, so it is more difficult to read and click on text links compared to using a desktop computer, laptop, and larger size tablets like the iPad Pro.

Plus, using a mouse to click on text based website links is easier. It is also faster to type topics, and replies on forums, social networks, and blogs on a laptop or desktop PC with a full size physical keyboard.
I find them good for phone use, texting and playing stored media.
I use it allot for social networking sites. Apps definitely support and end of day it's all down to what phone you have and the use of it. I have two instrgram apps. One is for mostly uploading short videos.

Yes web browsers aren't easy to read, but most website are responsiveness theme support like gaming latest
Watching pornhub :p
A lot of websites now use mobile themes (detects mobile devices and displays an alternate theme) or responsive themes (fits everything based on screensize) to make things easier on their visitors. Plus some websites have apps specifically designed for phones to help make them easier. So the reading aspect isn't really an issue. It's basically only the replying aspect.

If you have a smaller phone (sub 4") then browsing the internet and typing replies is definitely harder. (But so too would be watching videos since the screen is smaller.)
Now if you have a larger phone (over 5") then you have much more screen space so typing would get easier. The space between keys is wider so you don't as easily hit the wrong one. Typing on a larger phone still isn't as good as using a proper keyboard mind, but it's definitely better than trying to use a 4" screen. Watching videos though is really good since the larger screen makes it easier to see what's happening too.

Either way replying on a smartphone is still possible and countless people do it each day anyway. Maybe not like full length posts like this or others here... but shorter ones? Sure.
It's just another option for people who want to use it.
A lot can be done via smart phones, You can browse web, also smart phone gaming is kind of a trend these days.
To be honest....smartphones....are way more than that.
You could do almost anything in them.....and of course they can't support very hard software like laptops but their processing power today is no joke.
You could watch stuff, listen to music,browse internet, take photos, use it as a flashlight,.....use it as gps...I can go on and on.