web browsing

  1. froggyboy604

    Have you used Virtual Machine/Operating System Emulator software to use the Internet?

    Yes, I used Virtual Machine/Virtualization Operating System software like VirtualBox to use the internet with operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Android running inside a Virtual Machine software. I used Firefox, Chrome, and the built-in updaters in Linux installed on a Virtual Machine...
  2. froggyboy604

    Windows tablet Better for web browser users who visit sites with flash Java ActiveX web apps games?

    I think if you visit many older websites which require Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight which is similar to Flash, Java for playing browser games like Runescape, and use ActiveX programs in Internet Explorer, a Windows tablet is a better choice for your mobile browsing needs. Android...
  3. froggyboy604

    Would you browse a website with a VR Virtual Reality headset?

    I think it is unlikely that I ever use a virtual reality headset to browse a website since I don't own a VR headset. But, if I ever have a chance to use a VR headset, I probably want to see what it is like to browse the web from a VR headset.
  4. froggyboy604

    Are smartphones only good for streaming music, video, and online photos on the internet?

    I feel smartphones are only good for streaming music, and video, and viewing online photos because you usually don't need to click on many links, and read a lot when you watch a video, or listen to music online compared to visiting a blog or forum which is mostly texted based. Smartphones...
  5. froggyboy604

    Will Smartphones be the main way people browse the web in the future?

    I don't think most people will use a smartphone as their main web browsing device in the future because computers are becoming very affordable compared to the past where a good PC cost hundreds to thousands of US Dollars. You can now get a good PC for web browsing for around $100 or less...