Would you browse a website with a VR Virtual Reality headset?


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I think it is unlikely that I ever use a virtual reality headset to browse a website since I don't own a VR headset.

But, if I ever have a chance to use a VR headset, I probably want to see what it is like to browse the web from a VR headset.
VR maybe a good way of looking for mistakes on a website like blurry or pixelated images on the website's template, bad color choice, bad looking text font choice, or ugly looking buttons and a bad user interface.

A VR image is full screen, so it maybe easier to see poorly designed items like a sidebar, header image, and footer compared to using a PC monitor which image is not as big as having a website being displayed very close to your eyes.
nope, I don't need bright white websites in my eyes.
Eh, I would be curious to see what the internet looks like through a VR set. Maybe it will be less impressive than I imagine it...

I think certain sites with a lot of picture and video files, and games like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc may be interesting when viewed in VR if the website template looks nice in VR.
Hmm...I have never tried that.
I will check that out once...but I would probably won't use my VR set all the much.