Daily GL General Chat

There's an actual soccer school in Rotterdam called Tifa lol so Tifa is teaching soccer in Rotterdam lol


I need a vacation.
Good Morning! Wishing you all a great week with the extra hour that those who observe DST received this weekend.
Godzilla vs Megalon anniversary short:
3 more days until my next day off from work. Maybe...just maybe...Ill try to do an all nighter so I can beat some of these games and clear them from my backlog.
Good Morning! Who is enjoying the fall weather? We are not overly cold at least so while you need a coat on, you are not freezing when taking a nice walk. Enjoy this week :)
Tame Ramsay without his usual hell's kitchen style swearing lol:

Read, Tomb Raider will get its own Magic: The Gathering cards as part of a new Secret Lair set.