Do you think fewer people use Stadia when new affordable desktop PC can run most games at higher video settings without slowdown problems?


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I think most people may not use Stadia, and rather buy games from Steam, Gog, etc to play offline when most affordable $400 desktop PC can run most PC games at higher quality video quality settings like 1080P with a framerate of 60 frames per second.
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More than likely, even if you don’t play online games, you can play single player games without the issue of an internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, it’ll just take forever to download, but after that, there’s nothing really holding you back.
Might just be me, but I don't think that this will take off and may not last long.

I feel many PC gamers may more likely to buy games from Steam, and consoles because they may already have a large collection of games to play. Paying $10 or more a month to play many games may not be worth it if they already own most the games available on Stadia, or Stadia does not have the games they want to play.

Stadia maybe popular with web browser gamers who mainly play web browser games on sites like Facebook on their PC.maybe more likely to play Stadia games in a web browser after Google Chrome discontinues Adobe Flash plugin in 2020.
Hard to say, its why I'm interested to see how this will play out for google's service.
Hard to say, its why I'm interested to see how this will play out for google's service.

I imagine Google probably has a lot of search info from Google search, and learn there are some people who may not know how to use Steam to install games, so Stadia can be good for people who just want to play games by visiting a website sort of like playing Flash games on a website like Facebook.
I don't think Stadia will last to be honest. It's too expensive for most people to jump into, not to mention most of the world doesn't have the internet connection speeds for it to run well enough. Then there's the fact you can't play any content 'offline', so there's the need of always being online. Does anyone remember ONLive I think it was called? That online service you downloaded/streamed games off of on PC that didn't last very long at all? Stadia is basically a newer version of that.