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  1. froggyboy604

    Are smaller size mini-desktop PC less popular because of cheaper $300+ desktop PC with more features like DVD drive, 1TB hard drive, etc ?

    I think smaller size mini-desktop PC are less popular because of more affordable full size desktop $300 to $400 tower computers with more features like a disc drive, 1TB hard drive, more usb ports, two headphone/sound port, microphone ports, line-in audio port, VGA and HDMI video port, etc. I...
  2. froggyboy604

    Do you think fewer people use Stadia when new affordable desktop PC can run most games at higher video settings without slowdown problems?

    I think most people may not use Stadia, and rather buy games from Steam, Gog, etc to play offline when most affordable $400 desktop PC can run most PC games at higher quality video quality settings like 1080P with a framerate of 60 frames per second.
  3. froggyboy604

    Would Desktop PC be the Last popular Gaming device with a disc drive in the future?

    It is possible that Desktop PC would be the last popular gaming devices which comes with a disc drive installed on the PC. Game consoles released in the future may use cartridges like the Nintendo Switch, memory cards, or sell their games as digital games on the Internet like Steam, PSN, Xbox...
  4. froggyboy604

    PC video card shortages cause people to use onboard video on the CPU on desktop PCs?

    I feel more people will use onboard video on a CPU until the video card shortage caused by cryptocurrency/Bitcoin miners buying most of the fast video cards is over. Most very cheap video cards may not be much better or worse than the video chip on Intel Core i3 CPUs, and there is a chance that...
  5. froggyboy604

    Do you think people should build and buy a Desktop Tower PC with faster performance?

    I think it could be worth it to buy or build a desktop tower PC with more powerful computer parts since you may end up using the same desktop computer for over 10 years like some Windows desktop computers which are 15 years or older. Plus, there is a chance that you become a fan of PC gaming...
  6. froggyboy604

    Is it a good idea to build Many Desktop PCs to Sell before they become outdated?

    I think it may not be a good idea for a regular computer technician builders or smaller company to build hundreds to thousands of desktop computers to try to sell to buyers, and hope to sell them all before they become outdated where fewer people will buy them even if you sold them for a...
  7. froggyboy604

    Do you think bigger Desktop PC will still have disc drives?

    Blu-Ray and DVD video disc are still popular with movie, and music concert video collectors and fans where smaller Korean, Japanese, and Chinese movies, and music concerts from foreign music like Korean , Chinese, and Japanese music like AoA, Twice, SNSD, Exo, Jay Chou, and Utada Hikaru can't...
  8. froggyboy604

    Do you use the Apps, non-web browser programs to use social networking websites on a Desktop PC?

    No, I don't use any Windows Store social networking apps like Instagram, and Facebook for Windows, or non-web browser software to access social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I'm satisfied with using the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter website with a web browser when I want...
  9. froggyboy604

    PC in a Keyboard ? It´s a Keyboard PC !

    Smallest PC ever ! A Pc in a keyboard. Best mini pc i have ever seen: Windows 10, Intel Bay Trail CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, 1TB HDD Support, Bluetooth (Black) I'm surprise that this mini PC comes with a VGA video port since most mini PCs only comes with a HDMI port. I...
  10. froggyboy604

    Do you think most libraries will still have Desktop computers for browsing the web at the library?

    Yes, I think most libraries in the future will still use Desktop computers as the main way for letting library users browse the internet because a Desktop PC is still the best, and most affordable way to browse the web at a fast speed. Plus, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and mini computers...
  11. froggyboy604

    Phoenix OS lets you use Android as a desktop OS

    Phoenix OS does look like a nice Android based desktop PC Operating System. It also runs pretty fast in this video.