Would Desktop PC be the Last popular Gaming device with a disc drive in the future?


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It is possible that Desktop PC would be the last popular gaming devices which comes with a disc drive installed on the PC. Game consoles released in the future may use cartridges like the Nintendo Switch, memory cards, or sell their games as digital games on the Internet like Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Android game consoles like Ouya, and Smartphones and tablets.

I think there would still be poorer places where the internet is not good enough for downloading large 20GB and larger games and files like 4K movies. Desktop PC with Blu-Ray Disc drives which can read Blu-Ray disc on a Blu-Ray Drive would be the most affordable way for poorer gamers with bad internet to install large games onto their hard drive and watch 4K movies if their local internet is too slow and expensive for downloading many games.

Publishing games to Steam maybe difficult for smaller game makers in poorer places because they can't afford the high cost of internet in their town. Using discs can be an option to share their game locally with people in their town until they can afford a better internet connection, or move to a place which has access to high speed internet.
The disc drive does seem to be vanishing, but I'm sure you can always buy an external one.
The disc drive does seem to be vanishing, but I'm sure you can always buy an external one.

I think the disc drives are still found on full-size tower desktop PCs from popular brands like Acer, Dell, and HP.

Internal SATA DVD and Blu-ray disc drives is a good way to add a disc drive to a full size Tower PC. Installing a internal disc drive is not hard for most PC builders