Do you think playing mobile games on game console, settop box, and PC is more reliable?


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Playing newer mobile games with better graphics ona game console, settop box and PC can be more reliable than using a smartphone and tablet without a cooling fan which can overheat.

I think most game consoles like the Switch, PS4, settop boxes like the Nvidia TV and Amazon Fire TV, and PC has better cooling than most smartphone and tablets, so consoles, settop boxes, and PC are less likely to overheat.

The controller and remote on most consoles are also more reliable and accurate than some cheaper touchscreens which are sometimes not as responsive than buttons and joysticks.

Some new mobile operating systems also tend to be incompatible with older mobile games, and mobile operating systems get release more often. Newer versions of mobile games also sometimes don't work well on older mobile operating systems like Android 2.3. I think the operating systems for game consoles, and PC are less likely to suffer from compatibility problems when playing mobile games like Angry Birds which people can buy from the Xbox Live store, play on Facebook, or install from the Windows Store.
far more reliable, since you don't have to worry about over heating.
far more reliable, since you don't have to worry about over heating.

I think mobile game save data loss is also less common when playing a mobile game on a PC, game console, and settop box because overheating can cause storage chips on smartphones and tablets to break faster, or randomly breaks if your phone melts or fry itself from the hot heat when gaming. It can be difficult to get back your saved data if your phone's motherboard breaks, and the game does not have reliable online save backups.

It is also easier to make backups of drives, and Android virtual machines with PC backup software, and some game consoles may let you backup game saves to USB flash drives.
Its more reliable, efficient and durable. PC's and console are very efficient in games because they built for it at the first place. Also when it comes to power and graphic integration PC'c and console have more power because of capacity and because of the technology itself. Although smartphone manufacturers are doing their best to make their units more efficient in gaming, there are more factors that still needs improvements in my opinion.