Galaxy S6 Edge Plus catches fire – “Sizzling and nasty fumes erupting”


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Yikes, another smartphone fire and, again, this time from Samsung. While a lot of these fires tend to be the result of faulty third-party chargers, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that caught fire in this story was apparently connected to a Samsung-branded charger.

Reddit user Turkey_Lord posted the above images on Reddit before his roommate, the owner of the phone, provided the backstory:

“I am OPs roommate and owner of the carnage that you see here,” roommate “Needs_tree_fiddy” explained. “I was not using the charger that it came with, but I was using a Samsung charger that I got with my GS3. The phone was not under my pillow, but it was lying next to me on my bed. I woke up to the sound of it sizzling and nasty fumes erupting from it. We have more pics if you guys are interested. If you guys have any questions or advice please comment.”

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The phone is very badly damaged. I wonder if these problems with smartphones make more people pick regular flip phones which seem to not catch on fire as often.

Blackberry phones also seem more durable, and less likely to catch on fire at random times. But, Blackberry users are generally more careful with their phones because they are mostly use by people who work for the government, law enforcement, and big companies where Smartphone security is most important.
Battery explosion caused by the processor overheating most likely..

Also the guy is an idiot for using his S3 charger with the phone.. there is a very good reason why they say to use the charger that came with the device.

The chargers have been changed from that generation of devices to the newest generation we have now. This change was necessary because not only have Samsung's batteries gotten bigger, better and more efficient, but also they have new features as well that would require a compatible charger, that can handle it, such as the rapid charging feature that came out with the N3 and continued onward.

So this wasn't a hardware malfunction so much as an ID10T user error on the owners part.

I know that my N4 gets hot and luckily I have a case that is not as thick so that it doesn't trap heat like other cases do.

I plan on getting this sweet carbon fiber and metal case off of eBay since my Verus Ironshield bumper case is starting to show wear and I can't feel the volume buttons as easily..

If I get a N6 I just might get the same carbon fiber case for it..

And yeah maybe if both Samsung and Google didn't load so much shit on to their devices maybe it wouldn't over heat as much.

This is a BIG reason why I have always, and will always root my devices.
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I agree it is not wise to use different chargers which came from other devices unless the instruction manual says it is safe to use alternative chargers.

A few cheaper devices like the $50 Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB tablets, Nvidia Shield K1 16GB tablet which cost $199, and cheap MP3 players don't come with chargers, and you need to buy your own USB charger, and Micro-USB charging cable, or use your computer's USB 2.0 or 3.0 port to charge your mobile devices.
It was a good thing that he was using a plastic case. It look like the case seem to made the phone not burn as quickly, and gave him enough time to pick up the phone and put it on a tray which is away from things like paper, clothe, cotton, etc which can easily catch on fire.