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    It's the last update of the year! Everyone ready for the holidays? And new updates on the GL forum.

    Wow, seriously. End of the year already once more GL gamers. A lot happened this year in both the gaming world and on this very forum (we turned ten!) and in our own personal lifes. Whatever keeps happening I wish you all a safe and very Merry Christmas/Happy Hoildays! So lets get on with the small updates with:

    ---- Of the Month ----

    Congrats to @froggyboy604@froggyboy604 for becoming member of the month for his many active posts this month! Congrats and keep it up!

    Topic of the month goes to:

    HP quietly installs spyware on its PCs | Engadget Today

    --- Forum Update ---

    Very little going on, the forum software received a recent update for any possible security patches.

    With next month's/years update I'll outline this site's future. Till then hang tight folks.


    So I did plan on a two month long contest, but it kind of fell through at the last second. To make up for it though I did double down on this month's arcade contest. So head on over to our arcade and start taking the top scores in these games.

    That's it for this update folks, thanks for being active as always. Sorry again for the minimal updates but school is dragging me down these days, but don't worry I have one semester left! Freedom is close at hand for me. Till then I wish everyone here a happy Christmas and new years and make sure you stay safe and enjoy some good times and food with friends and family.

    ---- Stats ----

    We currently have 373,522 posts which in this past month we've made 1,452 posts. We currently have 6,854 members and in the last month we've gotten 16 new members!
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    Thanks for making me member of the month.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Looking forward to what the new year will bring. Well done @froggyboy604@froggyboy604 on member of the month.
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    crap, I forgot to mention something. Separate topic coming soon (free game kind of topic)
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