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    It's a new month! This update totally was not delayed by me playing KH 3 ^^; And new updates for the Gaming Latest forums.

    Welcome everyone to the second update of the year! Got some exciting things to share so lets just get right into it with....

    ---- Of the Month ----

    This month I decided to dedicate to @テクニカル諏訪子@テクニカル諏訪子 for constant great posting around the forum! Congrats! Topic of the month goes to: Your 2018 Game of the Year?

    ---- Time for a raffle ----

    As promised, 12 months have gone by and now a winner has been chosen to win one free game! That winner is: @NameGervin@NameGervin congrats and another winner will be chosen next year as well! Remain active to win such a chance!

    ---- 400k ----

    As you will see with the site stats below, Gaming Latest has crossed the 400k posting threshold! Very nice everyone and thank you! :D

    ---- Site upgrade ----

    Good news! Xenforo 2.1 has been released for public use and I will now throw all upgrade plans for the forum into full motion. First step is the skin where you can place final feedback in the link below:

    Skin suggestions

    Please reply asap.

    I expect the upgrade to happen late summer to early fall 2019.

    ---- Discord ----

    You've all been waiting so patiently for the upgrade that I'll let a little news out early, I am forming a Discord channel for Gaming Latest which it will be integrated into the upgraded forum as well! This will hopefully boost both activity and membership.

    More news in the near future.

    ---- Speak now or forever hold your peace ----

    Seriously, I am moving ahead with the forum's upgrade by gathering all the resources and testing them out on the super secret never to be found test board. So if there is anything you like to see, please let me know now!

    That's all for this update folks, thanks for posting on GL and I hope you all having a loving valentines day. If weather predicts snow and or ice, stay inside and game!

    Continue to enjoy the forum :)

    ---- Stats ----

    We currently have 400,135 posts and 7,146 members. In this last month we made over 1,516 posts! And gained 25 members.
  2. テクニカル諏訪子

    テクニカル諏訪子 _(:3」∠)_ Full GL Member

    Thank you. (´・ω・`)
  3. Claraviolet

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    This is great and now I wonder what sort of updates we would be having in the near future. More awards, games and such?
    Hmm... And the stats are great as always and 400k posts?
    Just wow... :)
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  4. NameGervin

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    Otsukaresama!!! ^^

    Hooray GL. January was a very good month, I enjoyed the game from the contest. May the february be good as always. ^^
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  5. Claraviolet

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    Looks like all the anime fans can communicate a little in Japanese :D
    It's quite entertaining to see Japaneses words in English now and then.
  6. IntoxNitram

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    Congrats on the free game!

    Nice to see we can get rolling with GL v2.

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