How much does your gold cost? Check out the Market Tracker at PlayerAuctions


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Hey guys. On top of being a middleman service and platform, PlayerAuctions has also branched off into creating user tools; tools that may not necessarily have anything to do with directly trading on our platform, but tools that people can use without actually using our service.

Disclaimer: We are not asking you to sell your gold. This tool is recommended for evaluation purposes only.

Our Market Tracker aims to do just that. If you've ever wanted to know how much your gold costs, the Market Tracker might be for you. This can present a lot of uses --- from the most obvious: selling, to just personally finding out the value of what you have.

Visit our Market Tracker tool here:

To use the tracker, simply click on the blue box on the right to select a game from the drop down menu, or type the game you'd like to check in the search box to the left.

The Market Tracker is able to show gold costs for some of the following games:

- World of Warcraft US/EU
- Old School Runescape
- Final Fantasy XIV
- Bless Online
- Guild Wars 2
- Tree of Savior
- Elder Scrolls Online
- Black Desert

Check it out sometime and give it a spin. :)
- The PlayerAuctions Team