1. Artisan Vistra

    Bank of Japan is Ending Ultracheap Borrowing

    Source: Yen surges on surprise Bank of Japan policy move So all those imports will cost a little more now. I'm proud of them. However, with our high-interest rates, the tables are going to turn if investors in money are smart. Our money has less trading value with this dang Fiat currency...
  2. PlayerAuctions

    How much does your gold cost? Check out the Market Tracker at PlayerAuctions

    Hey guys. On top of being a middleman service and platform, PlayerAuctions has also branched off into creating user tools; tools that may not necessarily have anything to do with directly trading on our platform, but tools that people can use without actually using our service. Disclaimer: We...
  3. froggyboy604

    The CHEAPEST Android Tablet on the Market

    Tablets generally aren't good, but just how bad can they be?? We found one for $37, and it's about as bad as they get... $37 is a cheap price for a basic tablet for doing basic tasks like reading, watching standard definition video, and using simple apps. I think this tablet maybe better if...
  4. froggyboy604

    iOS and Android inch closer to owning 100% of the smartphone market

    The latest research numbers from Gartner reveal that iOS and Android are inching ever closer towards completely owning 100% of the entire global smartphone market. According to the latest figures, sales of Android and iOS handsets during the recent June quarter accounted for 99.1% of all...
  5. P

    UpUp Game - iOS & Android

    What's up gaming fans? I recently developed a game called UpUp Game for iOS & Android and I'm really exited to see what you think of it? What is good and what is not so good in it? What you miss in this game? How are the graphics? Description: This addicting game is a fun for your day...