The CHEAPEST Android Tablet on the Market


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Tablets generally aren't good, but just how bad can they be?? We found one for $37, and it's about as bad as they get...

$37 is a cheap price for a basic tablet for doing basic tasks like reading, watching standard definition video, and using simple apps.

I think this tablet maybe better if it had a faster CPU, and 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB, and the price may not cost much more if the tablet did not come with a nice box, screen protector, and a smaller screen.
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You get what you paid for.
I didn't know that you could get a tab for $37.
I purchase a tab worth $280.
Galaxy tab e.
I am not using it. I don't know why I purchased it in the first place.

Is someone else like a brother or sisterin your home using it?

I think one of the good things about cheaper Android tablets like $37 or $50 Android tablets is that you get to use Android to see if you like Android for a cheap price like $37 before buying a better Android tablet in the future if you need a faster tablet with faster performance.
I would just get half the price and there is a belief that used products in eBay are faulty stuff

There is a chance you can get more than half the price since you rarely used it, so you can say it was slightly used, and in good condition. On eBay, you can sell your stuff at a higher price if you choose to sell your item instead of auctioning it off.

I bought some electronics and computer parts from eBay, and they worked as advertised on eBay.

Buying from a seller with a high seller rating will reduce the chance of getting faulty stuff.
one good thing is that ebay is pretty good in that matter.

I agree, eBay is pretty good with issuing refunds when you been scammed.

I think eBay is a pretty safe site for buying stuff as long as you pick a seller with good reviews, and been around for awhile. Plus, use eBay to pay for stuff.

It is best to use Paypal to pay for stuff on eBay since Paypal is owned by eBay, and you don't need to share your credit and debit card info when you use Paypal on eBay.
Pointless to buy IMO. I doubt it would last very long, better to save money and eventually buy something better.

I agree, it is pointless to buy for most people who want something better. The Amazon Kindle 7 now cost $50, so users on a tight budget don't need to spend a lot more money for a nicer tablet.

I think cheap tablets are sometimes bought by people who use their tablet to use in neighborhoods with a lot of robbery crime, or travel a lot on a public bus, subway, and airplane which increases their risk of getting robbed by a robber who steals more expensive tablets like iPads or a Windows Surface Pro, and may not want to steal cheap Android tablets.

Most of these cheap tablets have 1 year warranty, so they will most likely last 1 or more years of regular usage like reading eBooks, web browsing, listening to music, and watching videos. If tablets don't break the first year, they can last for many years of regular usage afterwards in my experience. A tablet does not have as many parts like a keyboard, cooling fans, disc drives, mechanical hard drive, and many ports and cables which can break like a laptop, game consoles, and other electronics.