1. froggyboy604

    Do you usually turn-off GPS/Location Apps to save power on your smartphone/tablet, laptop?

    I usually have GPS/location, and Map apps like Google Maps turned off on my smartphone/tablets to help save battery power on my smartphone, tablet, and laptops, so I can use them longer without charging. I think turning GPS/Location, and Map apps like Google Maps off can make my phone, tablet...
  2. froggyboy604

    Is the speakers on your smartphone or tablet loud enough for you?

    I find the speakers on most smartphones and tablets could be louder, so I can still hear them in louder places with loud music from a TV or stereo.
  3. froggyboy604

    Ever had touchscreen problems when playing mobile games on a smartphone/tablet?

    Sometimes my tablet touchscreen is not as sensitive/unresponsive, so I end up dying in the game, or not getting a high score. Some games like racing, First person shooters and Action games also have bad touchscreen controls where it maybe better just to play the game with a controller or...
  4. froggyboy604

    Will smart speaker devices like Amazon Alexa be less popular when good tablets cost less money?

    I feel when the price of good tablets cost $40 or less, most people will buy a tablet because a tablet can also display video, games, and pictures. Tablets can also be used as a smart speaker since most tablets have a microphone and speaker, or you can use a wireless headset to use voice...
  5. froggyboy604

    Did you ever thought touchscreen monitors would be so popular in cars when you were a kid?

    When I was a kid, most cars did not have a touchscreen monitor, and still used knobs and buttons to control the radio, heater, air conditioner, clock, and other devices and features in a car. Mainstream touchscreen laptops and tablets did not exist until many years afterwards when I was a young...
  6. froggyboy604

    Do you think Wal-Mart release a gaming tablet?

    It is possible that Wal-Mart will sell a gaming tablet with physical controls like the Switch, Razer edge pro, or Wikipad. If playing more hardcore games like Doom, Fortnite and GTA V on a tablet becomes very popular and profitable, Wal-Mart may release a gaming tablet to earn money from gamers.
  7. froggyboy604

    Is it worth charging a phone/tablet with a car USB charger which may make your car use more gas?

    If you want to save as much gas and money as possible, it may not be worth it to charge your phone/tablet by plugging it into a car's USB port because the car would use slightly more gas when more electronic devices like chargers, air conditioner, radio, touchscreens, and lights are powered on...
  8. froggyboy604

    Amazon now lets you place calls through Alexa-enabled tablets

    Amazon now lets you use Alexa to place phone and video calls and send messages on tablets, so you no longer need an Echo to talk to other Alexa users. Compatible tablets include Android tablets, iPads, and Amazon’s Fire tablets, as spotted by Engadget. The update requires you to download the new...
  9. froggyboy604

    The CHEAPEST Android Tablet on the Market

    Tablets generally aren't good, but just how bad can they be?? We found one for $37, and it's about as bad as they get... $37 is a cheap price for a basic tablet for doing basic tasks like reading, watching standard definition video, and using simple apps. I think this tablet maybe better if...
  10. froggyboy604

    The BEST Laptop/Tablet for $200! -- Lenovo Miix 320 2-In-1 Review

    The price of $200 for this laptop tablet PC is affordable. This looks like a good tablet for doing basic tasks like watching online video, social networking, e-mail, and some casual gaming. I'm surprised that this tablet comes with USB-C, Full size USB port, Micro-HDMI, MicroSD slot, webcam...
  11. froggyboy604

    Will there always be people who use a tiny laptops instead of using smartphones and tablets?

    I think the Apps and games for iOS, and Android are still not as good as PC running Windows, Mac, and Linux, so there would most likely still be people who prefer using a tiny laptop or desktop PC. Some types of programs like Photo and video editors work best with a keyboard, mouse, and other...
  12. froggyboy604

    Is the poor reliability of many laptops a reason for some people to switch to tablets?

    It is possible that more people are switching to tablets like the iPad, Microsoft Surface tablet, and Nvidia Shield tablet because of their poor experience with laptops which sometimes break after a few years of regular use. There are still many people who still use the iPad 2, and Amazon...
  13. froggyboy604

    More likely to buy a tablet keyboard which has a stand and louder built-in speakers?

    The speakers on tablet not being loud enough, and difficulty typing large amount of text with the touchscreen keyboard, and not having a tablet stand are the main problems I have with tablets, and other small devices. If there was a tablet keyboard which has a stand, and louder built-in...
  14. froggyboy604

    Would most keyboard be sold separately for most Laptops which are also tablets?

    I think it most laptops which are also tablets will not come bundled with a removable keyboard, so companies can sell it as a tablet for a cheaper price. I think the Microsoft Surface tablets don't come bundle with the Keyboard cover. PC Companies can earn more money by selling more than one...
  15. froggyboy604

    Would you install a desktop operating system on a smartphone/tablet to play Desktop games on mobile?

    If I had a tablet or smartphone with enough free storage to install a desktop OS, I would install a desktop operating system like Ubuntu Linux, so I can play games like Quake 3, Doom, Duke Nukem, and Minecraft Desktop version with a keyboard and mouse or gamepad controller. There are a lot of...
  16. froggyboy604

    Would you buy a tablet which comes with non-free PC and Mobile games pre-installed on it?

    Yes, I will buy a tablet which come with a lot of good games like Grand Theft Auto V, Doom 3, Call of Duty, Crysis, Minecraft Full PC version, console games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games which got ported to mobile, etc which are pre-installed on the tablet which I can play, or...
  17. froggyboy604

    Will Tablets be the most popular electronic device to learn the basics of most offline tasks?

    Yes, I think a lot of people will mainly use tablets to learn how to do tasks for the time being because there are a lot of free and affordable eBooks, websites, and apps which you can read on a tablet which is better for reading ebooks with colored pictures. Virtual Reality may not be good...
  18. froggyboy604

    Ubuntu Linux for phones and tablets is dead

    Ars Technica reports that Canonical is ending all work on phones, tablets, and “convergence,” which was a project to make the same operating system run across those platforms as well as desktop and notebook computers. In other words, if you want to buy a phone that can also work as a desktop...
  19. froggyboy604

    Will Nintendo Switch be the only Gaming Tablet to use Cartridges/Physical Games?

    I'm not sure if the Switch will always be the only modern gaming tablet which can play cartridges, and Physical games. I think there is a chance that Sony, and Microsoft next consoles would be a tablet like the Nintendo Switch because a lot of people like Touchscreen devices like tablets, and...
  20. froggyboy604

    Apple Launches New 9.7 Inch iPad

    The new tablet replaces the iPad Air 2. It has a 9.7 inch display and is simply called the iPad. The biggest change is that it packs the 64-bit A9 processor which first arrived with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The base 32GB Wi-Fi only model costs $329 while the Wi-Fi and Cellular model with...