I miss some oldies games, you know.. Call of Duty.. Assassin Creed..

I can somewhat relate. I miss certain oldie games like Call of Duty II (2005) or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004). However, they left a major mark in my childhood gaming days. Making memories that will last a lifetime. I will say, certain games from the past I wish could be remade into HD versions like GTA: SA.

Despite this, I don't mind leaving certain games in the past. As the newer versions sometimes fail to live up to my expectations. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) is a prime example. That title goes down in the hall of fame for one of the best racing games of all time. The 2012 version (made by Criterion), however, was horrid and ruined a lot of my expectations I had for the newer version.

So, yes, I miss a few oldie but goodies. However, some of them can stay in the past in the perfect memories I have of them in.
I miss the days when a lot of those series felt more ambitious yes.
Yes, it's called nostalgia - the good old times :) I agree with you CM30. Games used to be way more ambitious, way more well-developed and it sometimes feels like much more thought was put into them. Many newer games feel half finished and rushed sort of like some of the developers only care about money.

I do miss the classics that I played on my SNES, Gameboy... and even PS1/PS2/PC. Kirby, Mario, old Pokemon, Outlaws, Diablo... there's many. You just have to accept that the gaming world moves very fast though. The newer generations of gamers will probably reminisce about the games that are currently getting released and see them as ''the best'' just the way we see the ones made from 20 years ago.

But if you truly miss the older games so much, you can just play them? or get a ROM simulator on the computer for SNES, NES and so on.