Is buying a cheap laptop with 4gb or more RAM important?

Discussion in 'Gadget & Internet Hub' started by froggyboy604, Oct 12, 2018.

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    In the past, more people bought laptops with less RAM, and upgrade their own RAM which they bought for a cheaper price on websites like Amazon and Newegg rather than pay hundreds of dollars for the laptop model with 8GB of RAM rather than buying a laptop with 2GB or less RAM, and upgrading their own RAM latter on.

    Buying a cheaper laptop with less than 4GB of RAM is not as important if the laptop's RAM can be easily upgraded by unscrewing a protective RAM cover with a screwdriver, and sliding in a stick of compatible RAM like DDR4 which is compatible with your laptop's motherboard which uses DDR4 RAM.

    Buying a cheap laptop with 2GB or less RAM can be a good way to save money by installing your own RAM which you bought for an more affordable price because you got a good deal on RAM from eBay, Amazon, or an offline computer store which is having a nice sale on RAM.

    There are also ways to get RAM for free or a very low price price from people's with unwanted laptops because laptop users sometimes throwaway their old laptop with good working RAM because of an operating system problems, computer viruses, old age, hard drive failure, power adapter failure, broken screen, broken battery, slow performance, etc or they no longer like the case design and color of their old laptop, so RAM buyers can sometimes buy their old RAM for their cheap laptop to increase the RAM to 4 GB or more depending on what size of RAM was installed on their unwanted laptop, and how much RAM is already installed on your laptop.

    But, if the laptop is one of those laptops with non-upgradeable RAM built-into the motherboard, it is more important to choose a cheap laptop with 4GB or more RAM because many cheap laptops have built-in RAM on the motherboard which is harder to upgrade like smartphone/tablet RAM.

    I feel Windows 10 64bit, and Chrome OS need 4GB of RAM to run smoothly, so it is better to pick a laptop with 4GB of RAM or more RAM since many cheap laptops don't have upgradeable RAM slots like old laptops where it was simple to upgrade a old laptop's RAN to 4GB,
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    You got to be careful, a lot of these store made laptops are coming with no way of upgrading/increasing the RAM. Not that you can even open them to do so.
  3. froggyboy604

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    This is disappointing. I feel laptop makers like Apple make RAM which is non-upgradeable, so users end up paying many hundred of dollars at the Apple Store to replace a few RAM chips which maybe worth $50 or less, or buy a new Apple Macbook which cost thousands of dollars.
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    $4,321 be honest....I can't decide.
    4 gb is sufficient for me...but of course I would like more processing power....
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    If it's a cheap laptop I think there is no point upgrading the ram if you'll only be using it for office.

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