Last Game Bought

Elena's PLOT PC Version er I mean Star Ocean The Divine Force PC version lol
Read They teased Re5 remake in Re 4 Remake bigtime and thus I decided to get R4 Remake PC version.
I bought a copy of Harry Potter Chamber or Secrets for Gameboy Color from CEX today, its absolutely mint which is nice.
A bunch of Battle Pass points for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. :)
I bought a subscription to Pokemon Home to transfer all my competitive mons. I only used a few of my Gold Points. I don't have to worry about losing them after the sub because I left the leftovers in the basic box. Currently at 915 Pokemon registered but I might have missed some in Arceus, Shield, and a very small number in Scarlet. Funny that after dexit I still have Pokemon in Home because I still don't own BDSP.
I paid 2.5 billion ISK for 500 PLEX (in game currency to get "Omega" clone class in EVE On-line).
Front Mission First Remake Pc version. Runs excellent!
Bought Trails Into Reverie PC GOG version! Though I still need to complete the previous game in the series, Trails Into Azure!
If I remember, I started with 3, then 4, and now Cold War. Very fun!