Last thing you watched?


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Tv show, youtube/tik tok video or movie, what was the last thing you watched?
F1: Drive to Survive episode on Netflix last night. Loving the show after getting into Formula 1 recently and it really does help out a lot in explaining a few things and the history of the sport.
It's mostly my recommended on Youtube. Have something to listen to while gaming.
Last thing I watched is Instagram reels kek one of my stress relief things
Book Of Boba Fett Ep 1. not bad.
I consume videos on a regular basis but found this one helpful for that competitive Pokemon Gen 3 itch. Very specific I know.
I watched the first Spiderman with Tobey Maguire again and enjoyed it more than the last time I watched it which was a long time ago. I thought he was rude to Uncle Ben before leaving him but maybe that was in character based on his age. JJJ's opinion on Spiderman just feels that way so he can make money on newspapers. I just felt the movie was really quick with its pacing and the action was great but draws a line on realism that makes it so uncanny.
The George Lopez Show
I never saw it. I see the title pretty much every time I open the Disney app. She's more into animated films at the moment anyway.
Season 2, Episode 1 of Space Force on Netflix. Loved the first season even though a few people seemed to not like the humour in it. Great cast too
Just watched an episode of F1: Drive to Survive from Season 3.

Looking forward to catching up to the end of the season since the new season is not far off from being released.