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About every Sunday or at least once a month, I'll go through some of your Mario Maker levels or some random people's courses, give it a try and then record my official attempt at the stage.

If you want me to really record your level, you must be a member here on this forum that has either 100 posts or 50 of our currency to have me play your level till it's beaten. If I can not beat it within a week, I'll reward you 500 of our currency which can be used to buy actual video game credit cards to use on eshop, PSN, Live, steam, ect. To have me play more than one stage at a time, that will cost you 100 of our currency per extra stage if making more than one stage request a week or pending on backlog. Please note I reserve the right to refuse playing any stage for any reason, should you have spent forum money on having me play it, the money will be refunded.

Here is a list of courses I made:

2/13/16: 7898-0000-01CB-4F22

So I'll keep updating this first post for this year of all my recordings and now the gameplay:

Bowser's Hard Castle: Video
update 1/17/16:
Mario Maker: Bounce to Victory: Video
Mario Maker: Trio of Bosses: Video
Mario Maker: Gravity Falls: Video
Mario Maker: Enter the Minefield: Video
Mario Maker: Castle Part 2: video
update 1/23/16
Mario Maker: Bowser's Crummy Castle: video
update 1/31/16
Mario Maker: Airship Trauma: video
Mario Maker: Up and AWay: video

update 2/1/17

Mario Maker: Springy Underground: video
Mario Maker: Plant Food: video
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I watched a few of them. Pretty good gameplay. Also, I didn't know Gaming Latest had a YouTube channel. I should subscribe to it.

I'm still good, but my skills have dulled since my NES/SNES days.

Yep got a channel, though its mostly for Nintendo right now since I can't record 3DS/PS3. Once I get a PS4 I'll expand the channel's content.
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The one with the spikes and koopa? I couldn't get across that without dying. And of course the top path was trolling :p
If it's the top portion, with the group of enemies near a floor of spikes, there's a Star nearby to make it easy to run across, and through most of the rest of the level.