PlayStation PSN Down 1/4/2016


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Maybe a little late (on the hackers side), but PSN has been down for most of the day for all users on all Sony products. No word yet what caused it (DDoS most likely), but will update when more info is known.
I was able to get into PSN on my PS3 and Vita a few moments ago, have not tried PS4 yet so it seems there is progress in getting it fixed
Was down the whole day yesterday but thankfully its back up now. Still no update on why it happened though, most likely hackers but I doubt they would admit it
Does anyone know how long the outage was for christmas last year when they gave away free games?

about two weeks or so if I remember right.

Didn't the people from Anonymous threat that they would attack a bunch of gaming services, including the PlayStation Network and Steam a few weeks ago?

yeah on Christmas day, so this is either the late attack or something unreleated.
Apparently Phantom Squad are saying they were responsible for this
6 days later and we're still waiting for details on what they're going to do for our PSN memberships
Still waiting for my email. Do you know how long it might take?
Well if you hear anything just give me a shout if you can please :)
Thanks :)

Actually checked my emails and got it yesterday. A few people still havn't got theirs though