1. Artisan Vistra

    Sand Land - Launch -

    RIP Akira Toriyama
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Double Shake

    This Playstation-like action platformer doesn't look half bad.
  3. Artisan Vistra

    SGF Lies of P

    Open for pre-order, Lies of P is coming out on September 19th, 2023. The direction is neat. A bit on the Victorian Era side. Definitely something new for this genre.
  4. DaBoss38

    Multi Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold the PS4, Game Boy

    From PC Mag: Read the full story: Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold the PS4, Game Boy
  5. OPG609

    Multi Trek to Yomi - Official Launch Trailer | (Day 1 on Gamepass)

  6. OPG609

    Multi Turbo Overkill Game Trailer — Shred Enemies With Your Chainsaw Legs in a Cyberpunk World

  7. OPG609

    Multi We Were Here Forever - Release Date Trailer

  8. OPG609

    Multi Chernobylite: Enhanced Edition - Next-Gen Trailer (Survival Horror Sci-Fi Game)

  9. OPG609

    Multi FOBIA - Reveal Trailer | (New Survival Horror First-Person Game)

  10. OPG609

    Multi One Piece Odyssey - Official Reveal Trailer

  11. OPG609

    PlayStation Forspoken - Official PS5 Gameplay Trailer (4K 60FPS)

  12. OPG609

    Multi The Quarry Reveal Trailer - Interactive Drama Horror Adventure Game (Made by Until Dawn developers)

  13. OPG609

    Multi Dead Space: Remake - 17 Minutes Of New Demo Gameplay in 4K 60FPS

  14. OPG609

    Multi Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed - Reveal Trailer (Created By Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds Developer)

  15. OPG609

    Multi EXOPRIMAL Reveal Trailer - (Capcom's Upcoming Futuristic Exosuits Online Team-Based Game Fighting Against Dinosaurs)

  16. OPG609

    Multi BLACKTAIL | Upcoming First Person Action Adventure Witchcraft Game (Demo Available Now)

  17. OPG609

    PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West - 25 Seconds Of Flying Mounts Gameplay in 4K

  18. OPG609

    PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West - Official Cinematic Trailer

  19. OPG609

    PlayStation Jurassic Park Operations By GeneticGames - Upcoming Game That's Created Entirely Using Dreams!

  20. OPG609

    PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West | New Challenges of the Forbidden West Trailer