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There is still evil out there.
Evil never sleeps lol
So annoying they remade this instead of RE1. I could have done a marathon session of all RE games (Remakes of 1,2,3 and then RE4-8 (originals) to finally understand the overall plot. I will play this eventually, just not anytime soon.
Ashley's PLOT jiggle physics lol

This game is really great, even better than the Dead Space remake. I'm already at the castle, and I can't wait until I get to play Mercenaries again.
Read from CBR:

Lily Gao, the voice actor for Ada Wong in the Resident Evil 4 remake, is experiencing online harassment for her performance in the game.

According to a tweet by RuleTime (@RuleTimeSpace), Gao nearly deleted every post on her Instagram account as a result of harassment she's receiving for her performance as Ada in Resident Evil 4. At the time of writing, only one post remains on her account.

While a majority of reviews have praised the Resident Evil 4 remake for successfully updating the original 2005 game for modern audiences, reception is split on Gao's vocal performance as Ada. In the 2005 GameCube game, Ada was voiced by Sally Cahill. However, like many characters in the recent Resident Evil games, Ada was recast, with Gao taking over the role. While Gao has appeared in numerous live-action films and TV series -- including playing Ada in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City -- the Resident Evil 4 remake is the first time Gao is credited as a voice actor.

Regardless of the mixed reception to Gao's performance in Resident Evil 4, fans and content creators are voicing their support for Ada's new voice actor. Many within the fandom are shaming those who harassed Gao off Instagram and hope this terrible experience hasn't driven her away from the voice-acting industry. Others are also sharing their positive opinion of Gao's performance in Resident Evil 4, believing her to be the best version of Ada in the Resident Evil series.
Read an update Gao posted this:

"Being the first Asian actor to portray Ada in the Resident Evil video games is an honour," Gao said. "And I will forever be grateful to our producer and director, for making the decision on authentic representation. It's unfortunate that with the game's release, also came the all too familiar feeling of 'I don't belong.' While criticism is expected, it's not the first time an actor of colour faces racist and sexist harassment, for simply participating. Inauthentic casting perpetuates an unhealthy image that further dehumanizes the community they seek to reflect. It is time we stop only capitalizing on the sexualized, eroticized, and mysterious Asian woman, and make space to honour every kind of Asian woman. My Ada is a survivor. She is kind, just, intelligent, and funny. She is unpredictable, resilient, and absolutely not a stereotype."
Read They teased Resident Evil 5 remake in the game bigtime, with new Wesker scenes in RE4 remake too. niiice Chris Redfield RE5 remake is next.

Pc version runs great, optimized well enough. Recorded 3d real time intro scene running on my pc:
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Just defeated Chainsaw Man boss, recorded the battle:
Just defeated Giant fish monster thing, recorded the battle:
Recorded giant ogre monster boss battle:
Vr Mode reveal:
Recorded Boss Battle vs mutated Mendez, pretty tough Boss battle:
I found the remake so underwhelming that I got rid of my ps5 haha. I only bought it to play this game as the original Gamecube version is my favourite game of all time but I found this just a bit... meh. Maybe my expectations were too high, genuinely not sure.