Resident Evil 4 Remake

Do you prefer the original Ashley with her peekaboo PLOT panties or the new one lol or neither? Sebitude Sebitude
Read They teased Resident Evil 5 remake in the game bigtime, with new Wesker scenes in RE4 remake too. niiice Chris Redfield RE5 remake is next.

Pc version runs great, optimized well enough. Recorded 3d real time intro scene running on my pc:

Pls not RE5 that game holds up so well today and it's available on all modern platforms. No way I'd sacrifice a RE9 for that. RE 1 is the one that should get remade. A dino crisis remake will also be amazing.
Capcom announced 5 million copies sold, driven by critical acclaim of the game as well as free additional content.
Ashlet's PLOT have been rescued around 7.3 million times lol

Capcom issued updated worldwide stats for different actions and activities in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and one had to do with Ashley. It turns out she was rescued 7,398,187 times. The latest update show on September 6, 2023. It also included stats about knife usage, play time, enemy kills, deaths, and weapons used.
DLC announced:

Resident Evil 4 remake downloadable content “Separate Ways” will launch on September 21 2023

“Separate Ways” explores another side of the reawakened tale, following Ada Wong on a clandestine mission that reunites the agent with Leon S. Kennedy during his search for the president’s missing daughter. Alongside the release of “Separate Ways,” a free update for “The Mercenaries” will go live the same day, introducing Ada Wong and her notorious employer Albert Wesker as playable characters for the popular bonus mode.

More on Ada story DLC:
Saw another Ashley PLOT fanart:
Game Won Golden Joystick Playstation Game Of The Year Award 2023.
After playing the original game, I had a very high expectations for the remake but it came out as an average game. It's not bad a game to be very honest.
Gold edition announced:
I will pass! I've never bothered with game's Golden Edition release. Standard Edition is more than enough.
Indeed. Basically it's just a cashgrab thing from Capcom, like what Atlus did with Persona 5 royal version.
Indeed. Basically it's just a cashgrab thing from Capcom, like what Atlus did with Persona 5 royal version.
Exactly, they are never cash grabbing me with such perks. I know what I want which is given to me in the Standard Edition. Anything else is only cosmetics.