Samsung Announces Upgraded Game Service For Smart TVs


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Samsung has announced today that it’s going to bring an extensive lineup of over 400 streaming games and 100 downloadable games to its 2016 smart TVs. It promises that consumers will be able to experience the “most realistic gaming environments” available on TV, not least due to the great picture quality and large screen sizes offered by its TV lineup.

As is the case with serveral products that have been announced over the past few days, Samsung is going to showcase its upgraded game service at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Its upcoming lineup of smart TVs will allow consumers to download and stream games on the TV set itself.

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This does sound like a good game service for Smart TVs. I wonder would Samsung will release a settop box or game console like the Apple TV, Fire TV, Shield TV, etc for people to play their games on a non-smart TV.
Just only 2016 made tvs or before? My current samsung is smart and is about 2ish years old.
Just only 2016 made tvs or before? My current samsung is smart and is about 2ish years old.

In the full article, Samsung saids it will use the Playstation Now service, so if Sony release the app on older smart TVs it should work on older TVs from 2015.

PlayStation Now, Sony’s game streaming service, arrived on select Samsung smart TVs earlier this year and it will also be available on the 2016 lineup. Some of the titles that consumers will be able to play include Assassin’s Creed III, Batman: Arkham Origins and The LEGO Movie Videogame.

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Sounds like old people getting younger for not knowing how to use it and the title sounds exciting and so price seems expensive