streaming games

  1. MrIncognitoish

    Are retro games making a comeback?

    How do you feel about playing retro games on stream? What games would you like to see dusted off? Most people use emulators to play retro games on their PCs and while this is definitely a good option, it does not beat taking the time to set up compatible adapters and breaking out the collection...
  2. Noble_Beards

    twitch streamer

    Take a look at the rules first! -GL Staff
  3. froggyboy604

    Have you tried Stadia and other streaming games services like Onlive?

    I tried Onlive and Gaikai streaming games, but have not tried Stadia and Playstation Now.
  4. froggyboy604

    Will Streaming games on Google Stadia, Playstation Now make "offline" single player Linux games less popular?

    There is a possibility that more PC game makers not releasing a offline single player versions of their games for Linux Operating systems when game streaming services like Google Stadia becomes very popular. Some PC game makers may just have a Game streaming version of their game on Google...
  5. froggyboy604

    Will streaming games become more popular than installing mobile games on a smartphone?

    If mobile gamers can play streaming games which are Triple A higher quality games like Halo, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, and Overwatch in HD 60 frames per second without internet streaming slowdown and disconnection problems on a smartphone, I think more people will choose to play...
  6. froggyboy604

    Samsung Announces Upgraded Game Service For Smart TVs

    Samsung has announced today that it’s going to bring an extensive lineup of over 400 streaming games and 100 downloadable games to its 2016 smart TVs. It promises that consumers will be able to experience the “most realistic gaming environments” available on TV, not least due to the great...