Stream Your Android Apps and Games to FaceBook Live with BlueStacks TV


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We're very excited to announce a new release available today. You can now stream your games and apps directly to FaceBook Live.

Streaming apps on Facebook Live could be a good feature for sharing gameplay, teaching people how to do a Task in an Android app like Office for Android, or sharing a video call on Skype or Google Hangouts with Facebook users who do not have a Skype or Google Account, but still want to view the video call, and also text chat with the video streamer on Facebook.
I can see this becoming popular.
I can see this becoming popular.

I agree, I can see this being popular with people who want to stream gameplay video on Facebook which has a lot of users who are gaming fans instead of just relying on Twitch and YouTube for getting viewers. Streamers can get banned for unknown or dumb reasons on Twitch and YouTube. It is possible to play some PC games on Android, or use software like Remote Desktop or screen capturing software to show Windows games on Android as well, so users are not just limited to streaming Android games to Facebook with Bluestacks Android emulator.