The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak


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Launch trailer! niiiice!

I didn't know because the titles are so similar. Thanks.
No problemo ! And it can be confusing indeed, even to people that already played the previous trails games.
Recorded intro scenes, falcom's upgraded graphics engine runs great! Mc Van has some of Sherlock's detective deduction ability, he is Experienced Llyod + Experienced Rean lol, like it. recorded intro scene with Agnes' PLOT

Battle system is great! enjoying it.
Recorded Gargoyles boss battle
Hopefully it plays well, got to jam this into the backlog line up somehow...
You should. Schoolgirl Agnes' bouncing PLOT is great lol and MC Van is cool with his Sherlock like deduction ability. And then there's schoolgirl "Kitty" Renne's bouncing PLOT too lol
Recorded nice Van's Deduction scene:
So the LGC alignment will effect which character/s you can use later on. To get Fie, Van must be lawful, to get Bigger PLOT lol Rixia, Van must be between Lawful and Chaotic. To get Shizuna Van must be Lawful + Chaotic.
Recorded Hundred Eye Drome slime thing boss battle:
recorded The Van mobile intro scene lol
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Recorded Zombified Aida and her squad Boss Battle:
Recorded Super form Zombified Aida Boss Battle:
recorded Octo monster thing boss battle:
Recorded Grimcat's really tight jumpsuit PLOT intro lol, and boss battle:
Recorded Aaron Boss Battle, Defeated him with just Van doing the attacks on purpose lol though I should be able to beat him alot faster with just Van doing the attacks if I equipped Van with the gladiator headband boosting his CP gain rate.

Recorded the battle: