What kind of computer is used most for gaming?


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$200 to $300 Slim desktops maybe used most for gaming since there are a lot of people who may not have enough money to buy a better computer which cost more money.

There are a lot of poor people, poor schools and poor places with less money who can't afford a faster computer like a gaming computer, or an average tower desktop computer or laptop, so cheaper slim desktop computers with Intel Celerons, Pentiums, and similar AMD CPU maybe very popular computers for poor people to use for gaming. I feel a lot of the poor people, poor schools, and poor places with less money will buy a slim desktop computer from a store like Bestbuy rather than trying to build a cheap desktop PC, or find a reliable used desktop computer for gaming. Slim desktops are not as good for gaming as a gaming pc, but they are better than mini-PCs like the Raspberry Pi, Google Chromebooks, and cheap Windows laptops with 32GB storage when used for gaming.

I feel a lot of slim desktops from companies like Lenovo, Dell, and HP will be used by a lot of people for playing games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, Candy Crush Saga, Facebook/web browser games, Games from the Windows Store app store and less CPU intensive PC games like Quake 3, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and Minecraft.

A lot of people may buy slim desktop PC because they don't have a lot of money, but need to use big software like MS Office, Photo editors, and school/work related software which can't all fit on most lowend laptops with 32GB storage. Many users of slim desktops may also occasionally play card based games, Minecraft, Facebook games, and web browser games on forums and websites.

I think a lot of people who only have $300 or less money to spend on a new PC don't have many choices in buying a faster PC, so they maybe stuck buying a slim desktop PC with 1TB hard drive, Google Chromebook with 16GB space, or Windows laptop with 32GB of storage space. There are not many full size desktop tower PC which can be bought for $300 or less, so a slim desktop PC maybe the only option for someone with less money who want to play a lot of older games, but can't afford a bigger size tower computer.

Both Google Chromebooks, and low end Windows laptops don't have enough space to install many games, and may have worst specs than a slim desktop.

Slim desktops with 1TB of space maybe bought by kids with less money who need a cheap PC for playing games like Minecraft, Roblox, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Maple Story which can run on slower computers, but need more storage space to store game mod files, game maps, and DLC which files can be large in size.
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If you plan on gaming, you need at least an i5 with 8 gb of RAM. anything less would be nothing but lagging and short lifespan.
If you plan on gaming, you need at least an i5 with 8 gb of RAM. anything less would be nothing but lagging and short lifespan.

I think the Intel Celeron, Pentium and slower AMD CPUs can play older games like Minecraft, Starcraft, Warcraft, etc without lag problems.

But, a faster CPU and more RAM would be needed to play newer games at higher video settings at 60 frames perseconds.
There are actually some budget gaming PC that are worth having. I dont play a lot of computer games but when I do I would like to play in high settings. If youre looking for budget gaming PC you can check this website for PC under $1k.