Would you use old Android smartphones/tablet as a game console?


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Yes, If my old tablets or smartphones has a HDMI port to display video on a TV or computer monitor, I would use my old mobile devices for emulating console games from the N64, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, and Atari consoles because a lot of the games are harder to find, and buy for PC, and more recent consoles like the PS4, and Xbox One.

Most smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth, so I can use a Bluetooth controller to play games with instead of a touchscreen.
Nope, they get way too hot.
That seems like an interesting way to make use of old Android devices. However, I agree with Demon_Skeith, I think they would be too hot to use for an extended amount of time. Probably better off just getting a Raspberry Pi.
Nope, they get way too hot.

This is true. A simple fix would to use a small home fan, or home air conditioning unit, and turning on the fan when you play more intensive 3D games from the N64 like Golden Eye, Zelda, and Mario Kart.

There are also laptop cooling pads with a built-in fan which are USB powered, so you can use a USB charger or battery pack to power the laptop cooling pad which you can use to cool a tablet instead of a laptop.
Sounds a fun little project however I probably use the raspberry Pi. Definitely will get hot after so long but think smart by putting it in a fridge with the door open :p

Years ago my mate had a pc, and it got over heated and I definitely told him off since he unplugged it and put it in the freezer for 10mims
I think removing the back case panel/door is not too hard with some tablets and smartphones which don't use glue as a way to put the parts together.

Removing the back could make the tablet run cooler if your room has good air circulation with an air conditioning or home cooling fan, or you open a window to allow fresh cool air to come into your room to cool your room.
Nope, they get way too hot.
I too think that this would be the main problem as well.
Generally I tend to lean towards computers anyway, so consoles do not mean to me as much. What i expect from a console is just that the games run without any problems.
Personally I wouldn't be inclined to use an old smart phone or tablet as a game console. As already mentioned they get too hot and so wouldn't be able to handle long gaming sessions, but not only that, the screen size would be an issue aswell.

Old smartphones and tablets that I've had in the past, working or not, I've just traded in and got money back if the new device I've bought. I'll stick to gaming on my actual console and use the other devices just for what they were intended for in the first place.
Nope. My favorite old school SEGA and Sony games already have working Windows emulators and they seem good enough to me. On the other hand, having your phone as an emulator is useful if you need to travel often - can't drag that PC with you all the time :grin:. I would definitely want something like that to pass time at an airport, on a plane or in the hotel room. Android games in general are way to simplistic for my taste and some gaming classics would be a lot more fun to play.
Not really.I still have my old samsung s2 that gets really hot when I play a game with good graphics,and the battery runs out so quickly.On newer and expensive phones its ok,but on old phones I say no
I would much rather use a computer. The phone would get too hot too quickly. Plus, I already have emulators for my favorite old consoles so I wouldn't trade this collection of games I have for anything!
I have to agree with the other users, they will get too hot. They are actually not made for that type of use, so... I don't think it that would be a good idea as long as you still want to keep them usable, I guess. Also, I'm not really a fan of Android tablets in general, I think they are kind of slow...