Switch Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Glimmer has nice PLOT lol
'A' needs a bigger PLOT lol

Full Future Redeemed Theme, nice:
Sooo is Nikol, Shulk and Fiona' son? and is Glimmer, Rex and Pyra's daughter? hmm
1.86 million copies sold so far, looks like it will beat Xeno 2.
Monolithsoft's revenue increased by 97.8% , nice, read from nintendolife:

According to the Official Gazette's financial report, the RPG developer — which also helps Nintendo with many of its big releases — made 800 million yen in the year starting 1st April 2022 and ending 31st March 2023. In contrast, the previous fiscal year saw the company make around 404 million yen. That's an increase of 97.8%, which is pretty staggering.
Game won the Award for Excellence 2023 from TGS 2023 niiice!
Played some more Xc3, this part cracked me up lol PLOT education time!

They need to call in the Xc universe PLOT Master Rex to teach them lol
Wonder if Fiona from Colony Wu is bisexual lol