Xiaomi Dethrones Samsung Smartphones, What's Next?


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I feel a lot of people are buying Xiaomi cheaper phones which cause Xiaomi to sell more phones than Samsung. A lot of Chinese may buy Xiaomi because they are Patriotic, and prefer using a Chinese smartphone brand like Xiaomi.
Never even heard of that brand.
Never even heard of that brand.

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand which make mostly electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. I don't hear much news about Xiaomi except for tech articles about Xiaomi products which are not available at most stores where I live.
Seems to be popular in the East so whilst it may dethrone Samsung in certain parts of the world, I don't think they have to take the threat that seriously. Samsung and Apple will always be the best two for phones, in my opinion.
Xiaomi is now the most popular smartphone brand in Europe where it has a 25.3% marketshare in 2021 which is the highest marketshare in Europe. Samsung is the 2nd largest European marketshare with 24% and Apple has a 19.2% which is 3rd in Europe.

Xiaomi overtook Samsung to take the top spot in Europe, with 12.7 million phones shipped in Q2, up 67.1 percent year-on-year.

“Xiaomi has seen great success in Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Italy among others and found customers eager for its Mi and Redmi series of feature rich, value smartphones,” said Boris Metodiev, associate director at Strategy Analytics, in a press statement.

I think a lot of Europeons in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Spain, & Italy bought Xiaomi phones because they care a lot about buying an affordable price smartphone with good features like a large screen, good camera, loud mic and speaker and long lasting battery, and durability. Poorer smartphone buyers in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, etc may not upgrade their smartphones as often because they earn less money per year, have more debt from home and car loans, so they have a more difficult time saving money for Smartphones.
Xiaomi is definitely getting more powerful and I'd say for those who want to use something at right price should go for it. Unfortunately tabletwise samsung is still better as xiaomi is yet to capture tablet market.