1. froggyboy604

    Xiaomi Dethrones Samsung Smartphones, What's Next?

    I feel a lot of people are buying Xiaomi cheaper phones which cause Xiaomi to sell more phones than Samsung. A lot of Chinese may buy Xiaomi because they are Patriotic, and prefer using a Chinese smartphone brand like Xiaomi.
  2. froggyboy604

    Do you usually turn-off GPS/Location Apps to save power on your smartphone/tablet, laptop?

    I usually have GPS/location, and Map apps like Google Maps turned off on my smartphone/tablets to help save battery power on my smartphone, tablet, and laptops, so I can use them longer without charging. I think turning GPS/Location, and Map apps like Google Maps off can make my phone, tablet...
  3. froggyboy604

    Will people continue to play games on their smartphones if smartphones become less popular?

    There are a lot of fun and popular offline games for smartphones, so I think some people will continue to play games on smartphones even if the smartphone becomes less popular as a communication device because most people switch to other devices like VR headsets, smart speakers, smart displays...
  4. froggyboy604

    Why aren't more durable rugged smartphones more popular like less durable phones like iPhone?

    I feel durable rugged smartphones are less popular than the iPhone is because people don't want to switch to Google Android smartphone makers which makes phones which can survive drops to the floor. Some rugged phones may look too tough because of the hard plastic shell, so people who don't...
  5. froggyboy604

    Do you think Hard drives would be used in Tablets and Phones because the size of games are too big?

    I think it is possible that future tablets, and phones may come with hard drive if the size of games become big where a 1TB or bigger MicroSD Card, SSD or Flash memory storage chip would cost too much for most consumers to afford, so they can store massive games like Crysis 3, World of Warcraft...
  6. froggyboy604

    BlackBerry reports $671 million quarterly profit, CEO says ‘foundation is solid

    Ending May 31st, BlackBerry reported profits of $671 million CAD, representing $1.23 per share. Revenues for the quarter dropped to $235 million from $400 million. Those numbers are a massive change from the same period in 2017 that saw total company losses reach $670 million. Read More I...
  7. froggyboy604

    Smartphones Have an Unexpected New Rival from Regular Feature Cell phones

    Feature cell phones have lately made some impressive gains. After years of almost continuous decline, global shipments have grown for two consecutive quarters. Growth in emerging markets has been especially impressive: In Africa, feature-phone shipments surged 32 percent year-over-year in the...
  8. froggyboy604

    Windows Phone Market Share Drops Below 1 Percent to 0.7 %

    Latest data from Gartner shows that close to 2.4 million Windows Phone handsets were sold in the recent quarter, accounting for 0.7 percent share in the market. That’s quite a decline from the same quarter last year when Windows Phone had a 2.5 percent share of the market. Read More I think...
  9. froggyboy604

    Nokia is back, and this time it’s making the Android phones we’ve always wanted

    It took eons, but Nokia is finally making the Android phones we always hoped it would make. To get here, Nokia had to lose its grip on the mobile business, choose Windows Mobile as its only smartphone OS, and then sell its entire mobile division to Microsoft. But the American software giant was...
  10. froggyboy604

    Will Smartphones be the main way people browse the web in the future?

    I don't think most people will use a smartphone as their main web browsing device in the future because computers are becoming very affordable compared to the past where a good PC cost hundreds to thousands of US Dollars. You can now get a good PC for web browsing for around $100 or less...