Nokia is back, and this time it’s making the Android phones we’ve always wanted


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It took eons, but Nokia is finally making the Android phones we always hoped it would make. To get here, Nokia had to lose its grip on the mobile business, choose Windows Mobile as its only smartphone OS, and then sell its entire mobile division to Microsoft. But the American software giant was unable to make anything good come out of its Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone brands, turning the acquisition into a failure of epic proportions.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is selling its feature phone business to Foxconn. And Nokia is licensing its name, which it’s buying back from Microsoft, to a company that will work with the same Foxconn subsidiary to make feature phones, Android smartphones and Android tablets in the near future.

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I think it is maybe too late for Nokia to get enough buyers for its new Android phones and tablets where Nokia becomes more profitable. Many big companies like Blackberry, Sony, HTC, etc are not selling as many Android phones as Samsung, and LG.

Nokia may also have a difficult time convincing people to buy their tablets. There are too many popular Android tablet brands like Samsung, Nvidia, Amazon, and cheaper Asian brands. Nvidia tablets are becoming more popular with gamers who want to buy an Android tablet which is designed for gaming, and tablet tasks. Samsung tablets get a lot of buyers which use a tablet to surf the web, play casual games, read, watch video, and go on social networking apps. Amazon tablets are very cheap, so they attract a lot of buyers who care most about price, and getting a good deal.

Nokia's brand may also of been damaged by being a Windows Phone maker for so long which may cause people to not want to buy a phone with a reputation of being partnered with Microsoft and Windows phone for so long. I feel the boxy design of Nokia phones don't look very good compared to phones made by Samsung, LG, or Apple.
I'm currently using Microsoft 640 right now and before I was using the Nokia Lumia 530. I remember the day that Microsoft bought them out for so much millions and Microsoft changed around the models with thee own logo interface.

Sucks and confusing as well stubborn for the people like ourselves that think, What the flippin huck! Why sell then buy it back again? Weird! Thought they went bankrupt or something. What ever it is I'm glad to hear the name again and definitely hope to see there products, even though they have to provide amazing products for us to buy. Dangerous Samsung and Asus are my gorgeous goods that I buy from at the moment if I was to buy one.
Just seems like one more phone series for me to choose from.
I wonder would new Nokia Google Android phones will be released in America, and Canada since selling phones in North America is a very difficult to be profitable in because people mostly buy phones from Apple, Samsung, and LG.

Sony, HTC, Motorola and Blackberry all had money problems selling enough phones to earn enough money to be profitable, so they don't have to layoff workers, cut wages, or declare bankruptcy.
Sad Microsoft couldn't make their operating system, or the Nokia takeover work. I wish Nokia the best of success in their future plans. They just need something that makes them different than other Android phones, which I fear they wont be able to achieve. I really liked the Windows mobile OS, would have got one myself had the app store got better support from developers.
I think it maybe more hard for Nokia if they don't release a smartphone soon. Google, and other smartphone makers are releasing smartphones which users can customize, and build themselves with electronic blocks which contain stuff like camera, battery, GPS, etc. I think more people will start to buy smartphone or smartphone parts, and build their own phones rather than buy phones which are pre-built from manufactures like Nokia or Samsung, and are not easy to customize.