1. froggyboy604

    Are cheap tablets becoming more popular again like a few years ago?

    There are now more affordable Chrome OS tablets, and the Apple iPad now have cheaper 9.7 inch $329 models, so some users looking for a more affordable simple tablet will choose to buy a cheap Chrome OS tablet and Apple iPad 9.7 inch $329 tablet. I think Chrome OS and the cheaper iPad models...
  2. froggyboy604

    Amazon beat out Samsung in holiday tablet sales last year by slashing prices, says report

    Amazon was able to knock Samsung into third place in Q4 last year mainly by offering steep discounts on its Fire Tablets. Amazon beat out Samsung in holiday tablet sales last year by slashing prices, says report I bet many Amazon tablets were bought by poorer people who needed a cheap tablet...
  3. froggyboy604

    Will most New Google USA Tablets in the Future use Google Chrome OS instead of Android OS?

    It is possible that most new Google tablets in the future will be sold in with Google Chrome OS instead of Google Android OS in the US. Most of the better new Chrome OS laptops with touchscreens can run Google Android Apps like Google Play and Android games, dual-boot into Ubuntu Linux after you...
  4. froggyboy604

    Testing The Cheapest Tablets on Amazon

    The last Fusion5 $49 tablet tested in this video looks like it has the best performance. It maybe good enough for most average tasks like social networking, basic gaming, and web browsing. The first two tablets look like they are good for using for reading short ebooks, playing very simple...
  5. froggyboy604

    Do you feel tablets should have removable batteries.

    Yes, it would be nice that more tablets would have removable batteries like most older smartphones and cell phones.
  6. froggyboy604

    Do you think Hard drives would be used in Tablets and Phones because the size of games are too big?

    I think it is possible that future tablets, and phones may come with hard drive if the size of games become big where a 1TB or bigger MicroSD Card, SSD or Flash memory storage chip would cost too much for most consumers to afford, so they can store massive games like Crysis 3, World of Warcraft...
  7. froggyboy604

    Will you watch a musician play a song with a virtual musical instrument app on a tablet/phone?

    I would watch a musician at a concert play an instrumental song on a musical instrument app like a drum or guitar app being played on a tablet. Other musicians use record players/turntables, laptop computers, trash and oil cans as drums and other non-traditional instruments to DJ and play music...
  8. froggyboy604

    A new BlackBerry tablet may be on the way (running Android, built by a partner)

    Speaking during the latest company earnings call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the company is getting ready to expand its licensing to include things like tablets and Internet of Things products that would use the BlackBerry brand and use BlackBerry’s security features and other apps and...
  9. froggyboy604

    Would tablet's popularity be longer than smartphone?

    I think there is chance that tablets would be popular slightly longer than smartphones since tablets come in many screen sizes, and are better for doing different task which need a very large screen. The Nintendo Switch is basically a gaming tablet, and the Switch is probably the most popular...
  10. froggyboy604

    Views on devices like Tablets and mini PCs which don't come with USB Charger?

    I find it annoying that some Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, cheaper USB powered mini PC, and some MP3 players dont come with a USB charger. But, it is not a huge inconvenience since I already own a few USB chargers from my Raspberry Pi PCs, tablets, and devices. I can always use a PC or a Battery...
  11. froggyboy604

    Will there be Many Nintendo Switch Clone/copy tablets with Windows & Android as Operating System?

    I think there maybe a lot of Android and Windows tablet which copy the Nintendo Switch sort of like how there are a lot of Android and Windows tablet which copied the PSP, and Nintendo DS. But, if the Switch becomes less popular like the Wii U, there would be fewer clone tablets with Android...
  12. froggyboy604

    Do you think Microsoft and Sony will release a tablet which is similar to the Nintendo Switch?

    Microsoft and Sony both already make tablets. But Microsoft's Windows Surface tablets are mainly designed for work, and school, and Sony's Xperia Z Android tablets are mainly for entertainment, and basic work tasks. I think Microsoft, and Sony may create a Gaming tablet with removable gamepad...
  13. froggyboy604

    Are there too many Windows 10 tablets to choose from?

    Yes, I find that there are too many Windows 10 tablets because almost every computer maker like Microsoft, HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, and Acer are releasing many Windows 10 tablets on a monthly basis. A lot of tablet makers which also make Android tablets are releasing many Windows 10 tablets on a...
  14. froggyboy604

    Nokia is back, and this time it’s making the Android phones we’ve always wanted

    It took eons, but Nokia is finally making the Android phones we always hoped it would make. To get here, Nokia had to lose its grip on the mobile business, choose Windows Mobile as its only smartphone OS, and then sell its entire mobile division to Microsoft. But the American software giant was...
  15. froggyboy604

    Views on articles who say Tablets are Dead?

    I think authors of articles which say tablets are dead may not know a lot of tablet users who use tablets to go online, use apps, and play games. They may also be saying tablets are dead for attention, and being dishonest with readers, so they get more money from ads because of more traffic by...
  16. froggyboy604

    Are playing games on a tablet with a controller more fun than playing handheld games?

    I enjoy the bigger screen size of a larger tablet like the Nvidia Shield, MS Surface Pro, or iPad Pro, and the full size controller of tablet compatible controllers like the Moga Pro, Nvidia Shield controller, or Xbox 360 controller. I think I rather play games on a tablet with a larger screen...
  17. froggyboy604

    Do you think Tablets are good gifts for most people?

    Yes, I think tablets can be good gifts for most people because they are easier to use most of the time compared to a PC which sometimes takes many days to weeks to learn how to use the operating system like Windows 10 or Mac OS X. You can also easily teach them to install apps like Netflix...
  18. froggyboy604

    Windows-Powered Tablets Expected To Account For 18% Of Market By 2019

    Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2019, we could be looking at iOS commanding 23% of the tablet market, 18% for Windows, and 59% that goes to Android which still puts them at the majority, but ceding a lot of ground to Windows. Read More I think, if MS released an Xbox tablet like the...