1. Demon_Skeith

    Nintendo Nintendo Switch Console

    Home console and handheld gaming comes together for Nintendo's next system! The NX is now officially called Nintendo Switch! Mario Kart, a 3D Mario platformer, a basket ball game, skyrim and splatoon are confirmed games for it. The console is still due out on March 2017. Here is some images of...
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    Switch The NX is a console and a handheld?

    So if you've gone anywhere today remotely related to news, then you know NX rumors on burning once more. Basically the rumors state the NX will use an android/mobile level power chip, use cartridges, have two controllers and be completely mobile with a docking station to let it connect to your...
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    Nintendo NX Not About Specs

    At E3 when asked how Nintendo NX will stack up against Sony and Microsoft's forthcoming hardware revisions PlayStation 4 NEO (PS4.5) and Xbox One Scorpio. Fils-Aime told Bloomberg (via Nibel):
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    Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

    In the trailer, Link: Climbs a tree, a mountain, and a castle wall Chops down a tree to create a bridge Uses a torch to set some grass on fire Cooks a dish with some mushrooms Pushs a boulder on some enemies Shoots down a beehive to send swarms of bees at some enemies Uses a magnet to...
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    VR bringing 9th console generation early?

    So with Nintendo releasing the NX next year, that officially starts the 9th console generation which Sony and Microsoft usually joins in after a few years which the 8th generation started in 2012 with Nintendo and 2013 by everyone else. However at this E3 2016, both Sony and MS will be...
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    Nintendo Nintendo Developing a New Handheld?

    What is currently a rumor, but possible due to Nintendo doing possibly anything and everything right now, they are developing a new handheld code name MH. Nothing else is known but the fact that the NX, Nintendo's next console is supposed to work with a handheld device as well.
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    Nintendo Nintendo's E3 Plans

    Nintendo has announced their E3 plans today and as usual their Direct stream will happen on Tuesday, June 14th and as hinted at before it will only cover their latest Zelda game via live stream. Nintendo said the following: Also did you want to go to E3? Have a chance to play the new Zelda...
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    Nintendo NX won't be sold at a loss

    Kimishima explained from its finical report last week that Nintendo is "not thinking of launching the hardware at a loss." despite the Wii U selling at a loss when it launched way back in 2012. Kimishima was confident about the line-up of launch games for the new hardware as the console's...
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    Switch When will be the NX Direct?

    So everyone so far thought that Nintendo would announce more about their NX console at E3, well today that was shot down. So the question remains, when will be the direct for their next console? Anyone want to take a good guess? You're free to bet GL's money on the correct month/date.
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    Nintendo NX coming out in 2017 Worldwide

    What is giving the recent rumors and suggestions the middle finger, Nintendo has announced they will release their next console which is still codenamed NX, in March 2017. When asked why Nintendo wasn’t launching their NX console in time for this year’s big holiday season, Kimishima explained...
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    Nintendo Nintendo's E3 is all about new Zelda

    As far as Nintendo's physical appearance at E3 is concerned (their Nintendo direct will hopefully focus on other stuff), they will only have their up coming console Zelda title to show and playable on the show floor. This is a statement they released today: Also in the news, Zelda won't be...
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    Switch A week of a fake NX Controller

    The internet was a buzz this week when photos popped up of the patent NX controller, a football shaped controller with a screen on it with two analog sticks on it which when pressed down on would bring up some select able options around the sticks. But of course they were fake, trolling at its...
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    Nintendo Nintendo Direct 3/3/16

    Nintendo Directs are few and far between, but surprise! We're getting another one tomorrow March 3rd 2016 at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT. And no, nothing on Nintendo's mobile or NX content. It will focus on launch titles for Wii U and 3DS. Zelda Wii U hopefully?
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    Switch Smash Bros NX Characters you want?

    So there is a strong rumor going around saying that Smash bros will be a launch title for Nintendo's 9th system the NX. So the question is, who do you want in the game? Not want in? Do you think there will be much offline content or will it just be about the online battles?
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    Other Ninth generation video games

    A video worth watching, Sony tries to figure out why the PS4 is booming. Nintendo is making a complete touch screen controller? And Microsoft confirms another Xbox console in the future.
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    Nintendo The NX is a Torrent System?

    All rumor and speculation, but could Nintendo be doing something huge? Short story: Buy the NX and it runs at like Gamecube level, you hook up another NX to it or connect it to the internet to share resources and the NX enters modern processing power and you may even get paid for sharing your...
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    Nintendo Nintendo NX will be completely differently

    Nintendo has made it clear that they are not making the next version of Wii or Wii U with their up coming NX console which was announced by their new president and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima. In fact, Nintendo wants its next platform to offer something completely new. "As far as NX goes, I’ve said...
  18. Demon_Skeith

    If the NX....

    If the NX keeps the Wii name somehow, will you just laugh, finally give up on Nintendo or wonder if the company is trying to kill itself?