VR bringing 9th console generation early?

Discussion in 'General Gamers Hub' started by Demon_Skeith, May 30, 2016.

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    So with Nintendo releasing the NX next year, that officially starts the 9th console generation which Sony and Microsoft usually joins in after a few years which the 8th generation started in 2012 with Nintendo and 2013 by everyone else. However at this E3 2016, both Sony and MS will be announcing newer and more powerful systems which is obviously being done to fully support the power hungry Virtual Reality gear that is coming out.

    Though their names may be similar to the 8th generation names, their higher power easily makes them a newer console to fit in a new generation.

    Anyone agree or disagree?
  2. IntoxNitram

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    Time will tell if they are a decent enough leap in power and capabilities to be a whole new generation. Seems like VR is the reason its happening though, old consoles not powerful enough to do a decent job it would seem.
  3. Demon_Skeith

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    Now rumors are spreading that the NX will support VR.
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    I think VR could be one of the reasons that new consoles will be release sooner. The console makers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo probably want to release newer consoles because they want to earn more money from a sudden rush of new buyers who buy new consoles.

    Plus, console makers may want to release consoles sooner to get more sales in the near future.

    Console makers maybe afraid that there would be not as many console buyers in the future from less active gamers, kids, teens, young adults. and casual gamers which will be happy only playing games on their PC, settop TV box like Apple TV, Fire TV, Nvidia TV, and Android TV, smartphone, and tablets. There are gamers who are fine with not owning a console because their PC and mobile device have enough games to satisfy their gaming needs.
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    Seems like Microsoft and Sony are just jumping at the chance to one up on each other. It a race of who comes out first to the to the starting line with the biggest muscle car. Sony looks to be on the starting line first (late 2016), but Microsoft has added more features in backward compatibility with XBOX ONE and 360 titles. Something that Sony hasn't done. Also Microsoft is adding Pay Anywhere feature that bridges the gap with gaming with the ONE and PC thanks in part of Windows 10.

    That is the dilemma. Sony's fast pace to technological superiority, or Microsoft's ever growing backwards compatibility with previous incarnations.

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