1. Demon_Skeith

    PlayStation Info on PS4.5 coming Soon

    If you are like me and PS4less and waiting on info on PS4.5 then you are in luck. Info is coming soon which Sony confirmed today. The event will be held in New York at the PlayStation Theater on September 7th 2016 at 3 p.m. ET.
  2. Noremac220

    PlayStation Internal Documents for PS4 Neo have leaked!

    Apparently, the documents on the specifications on Sony's PS4 Neo console have been released. What do you guys think of the specifications of the new Hardware?
  3. Demon_Skeith

    PlayStation PlayStation 4.5 Confirmed but missing at E3

    Today a high Sony official confirmed that Playstation 4.5 is happening! However it will not be appearing at E3 2016. A very strange and disappointing move.
  4. Demon_Skeith

    VR bringing 9th console generation early?

    So with Nintendo releasing the NX next year, that officially starts the 9th console generation which Sony and Microsoft usually joins in after a few years which the 8th generation started in 2012 with Nintendo and 2013 by everyone else. However at this E3 2016, both Sony and MS will be...
  5. Demon_Skeith

    PlayStation [updated]Playstation 4.5?

    I'm not one to post rumors as they usually turn out to be false or part of the truth, but today it has come to light that Sony maybe working on PlayStation 4.5. This might be true since Sony tends to follow Nintendo's lead which Nintendo did this already with the New Nintendo 3DS. If sources on...