1. froggyboy604

    Valve is making a Nintendo Switch style portable gaming PC called SteamPal?

    It would be interesting to see an Handheld PC made by Valve
  2. Jerrar

    PC/Mobile Valve Releases Dota 2 Immortal Update Addressing The Treasure III Bug

    With Valve releasing its much-awaited Immortal Treasure III, the response the developers received was not what they were expecting. This was due to the community complaining about the faulty drop rates for the Immortal Treasure III and its collection of rare items. Well, after all that backlash...
  3. Jerrar

    PC/Mobile New Dota 2 Hero To Be The Fourth Elemental Spirit?

    During The International 2017, Valve came out with an announcement regarding the release of two all-new Dota 2 heroes, Dark Willow and Pangolier. And since then, a new precedent has been set as the community now expects a new hero to make its way into the game after the end of every The...
  4. Jerrar

    PC/Mobile CS:GO VAC Ban Wave Sets All-Time Record With 60k+ Accounts Banned

    Cheaters and hackers is one of the key reasons why many CS:GO players switched to softwares like Faceit and ESEA as their anti-cheat engines were far, far superior. But, it looks like things are about to change as Valve’s VAC ban wave just hit an all-time record of 60k+ accounts banned in a...
  5. Jerrar

    PC/Mobile Valve Releases Panorama UI for CS:GO

    Valve has recently announced a preview for the much anticipated Panorama UI view for CS:GO. The UI according to Valve is “the most substantial change to the look and feel of CS:GO since the game was released, in 2012.”According to the official release this was a game changing experience right...
  6. Demon_Skeith

    PC/Mobile Valve Cracking Down On Gambling Sites Using Steam

    Gambling is apart of life, it makes some people rich while million others poor or in debt (don't gamble folks) and recently its been known that certain websites have been using Steam as a means of gambling. Valve released the following statement:
  7. Demon_Skeith

    Valve Bans LMAOBOX

    The Team Fortress 2 cheat program called LMAOBOX, which offered: “Customizable Aimbot features, including Invisible Aimbot and Projectile prediction for Bow, Rocket Launcher and others, specific Sniper options for instant headshots or legit gameplay, Auto-Airblast feature for Pyro with ping...
  8. Demon_Skeith

    77,000 Steam Accounts Get Hijacked Per Month

    Valve's Steam website is pretty popular, a huge corner stone in the PC market and you would think such a site would have top notch security right? Wrong. Valve confirmed that nearly every month, thousands of accounts get hacked in some form or way. Valve can work with you in restoring hacked...